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Black Gold ML3 Base

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Black Gold ML3 Base

new for 2020 is the ML3 base from Black Gold.  This shorter base is only 3" long, has 2 mounting positions but still mounts your 1 piece quiver. All this and still has 3rd axis adjustability!  Setup only for Black Gold Ascent or Pro sights.

Weighs just 1.8oz


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Customer Reviews

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george burton
Shorty shootin base

Well hello shooters! I purchased two mL3 bases from big Robert the marine!!! This American hero not only served his country but he serves all of our hunting needs as well!!! Check out his awesome sight videos there Amish approved at least in the cheese country I live in!!! I order from Big Robert the Marine because he doesn't cheat you or blow smoke up your ass when it comes to Archery equipment period!! I really like the ML3 bases as it keeps my black gold sight tight to the riser!!! There's no chance now of my scope head hitting that bull elk in the ass when I'm tryin to shoot this bad boy because it's not hanging out to far as it hugs my Darton DS 3800 like a good wife ought to hug her husband tight and sweet!!! Well if you can't hit an Elk broad side in an out house you best give big bad Robert the marine a call as he can get your act cleaned up before your out house walls fill up with your hunting arrows and with no meat in the freezer you better get humpin as Big Robert the marine can help even the worst shooter out there my friend!!! This message is approved by a non Biden Supporter make America great again like Big Robert the marine!!!!!!!!

Rob Arima
Black Gold ML3 base

Good product and fast shipping.
Changed out the larger Xframe base and installed the shorter ML3 base.

jesse albert
Ml3 base

Like this product alot put it on my pro sight s&s is awesome place to order from they had it shipped the next day had the base 3 days after order it

H. Johnson
ML3 Base swap

A few years back i had purchased the black gold whitetail sight. I was less experienced and was unaware of 3rd axis adjustment, which the whitetail sight did not have. I recently bought the ml3 base to add the 3rd axis adjustment to my whitetail sight instead of purchasing an entirely new sight and it was worked as it should. S&S Archery also shipped very fast.

Troy Dietterich
Swapped out

Swapped out for my longer x frame to acquire a little more sight distance in my lower pound and shorter pound bow that I shoot.