Black Gold Pro Hunter HD Custom

Black Gold Pro Hunter HD Custom

With the NEW 2021 Pro Hunter HD Custom build, you get all the industry leading features of the Ascent Verdict, but with the Pro Pin. Choose the pin size and color you want, in addition to the base. 

Pro Hunter HD Custom

Material: 6061 T6 machined aluminum

Base: Pro X Frame, 4" or 6" Dovetail, 6" or 4" Wing Truss

Pin: 2 - 8  all-metal, machined BombProof micro-groove Pro Sight Pins


Finish: Black only

  • NEW! Pro Sight Pins allow for a more defined aiming point
  • NEW! Micro 1st Axis
  • Rear facing sight tape standard
  • Highperformance Photo Chromatic Shell is 80% tougher and changes color faster
  • Lock on 3rd Axis prevents movement
  • Large adjustable level is easier to see and set
  • 54 Sight tapes included
  • Interchangeable Fluorescent guard rings for fast sight acquisition
  • Dial adjustment system gives target sight accuracy to bowhunters
  • More range and adjustability than traditional hunting slider sights
  • Exclusive micro first axis adjustment keeps sight dialed in at long ranges
  • Works great with one piece quivers (unlike most slider sights)
  • Designed to accommodate computer generated sight tapes
  • Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment

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Type: Slider

Weight: 9.3oz

Housing Size: 1 3/4"

Base: Pro X Frame, 4" or 6" Dovetail, 6" or 4" Wing Trusss

Number of Pins: 2-8

Pin Size: .019, .010

Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
First slider

This is my 2nd Black Gold site. I purchased it in December and used it before writing a review. I bought it after a lesson learned during last year's elk hunt when I had elk ranged at 72 yards, but my Black Gold Rush only went to 60 yards. To avoid potentially injuring the elk with a gap shot, I didn't shoot, which left a lasting impression. I upgraded to the BLACK GOLD PRO HUNTER HD CUSTOM with 5 fixed pins - two .19 pins and three .10 pins in alternating green and red. I chose the 5-pin setup to cover 20 to 60 yards and have the flexibility to go beyond 60 when necessary. There was a slight learning curve in creating new sight tapes using software, but overall, it has been a great experience. The sight is durable and reliable, as expected from Black Gold. I highly recommend switching to a slider and investing in customization. It's worth the extra cost to get exactly what you need. The only improvement I would consider is getting the housing with micro adjustments for the pins. Otherwise, no major complaints.

Shawn Miller
The Place for Back Gold

This is my 2nd Black Gold custom sight from Rob and S&S. I'll order from these guys everytime I get a new bow and I always recommend them to my buddies. Customer service doesn't get any better. They go the extra mile to help you with any questions or concerns. I got the Pro Hunter HD with the 6" wing truss. Couldn't be happier!

WV Bowhunter
Pro hunter hd custom

S&S Archery is a great place to buy from. They are very friendly and will answer any questions you might have. They have the best prices I could find on the Montana Black Gold Pro Hunter HD. It took 5 months to receive my custom sight. That was because of black gold being behind with such high demand for their sights. I went with a 3 pin .10 pins (green, red, green) 4” dovetail. I do not have the sight 100% dialed in yet, because its around 20 degrees and a little tough to be out shooting 60 yards. I went from a 5 pin to this 3 pin slider, and it helped clear up my sight picture without having the clutter of 5 pins. I’m very confident I will love this sight. If you have any questions give S&S archery a call. They will be more than happy to help you out. Also, black gold customer service is top notch.