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TightSpot Airlock Quiver

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The Tightspot Airlock Quiver is the ultimate hunting quiver for serious hunters looking for the lightest weight quality quiver. The Tightspot Airlock Quiver is designed to be the best hunting quiver on the market, with every detail crafted to provide maximum efficiency for the bowhunter coming in under 8 oz. 

One of the key features of the Tightspot Airlock Quiver is its ability to grip arrows tight, reducing torque, and being bomb-proof. This makes it the perfect quiver for hunters who shoot with a quiver attached. Its unique design allows you to mount it against the riser, minimizing the amount of torque your grip has to apply to balance the bow with a full quiver. The quiver is also adjustable, allowing you to move it forward or back, up or down, to help with balance and vibration.

The Tightspot Airlock is a 4-arrow quiver that is designed to solve many of the inherent problems with today's quivers. Its innovative design brings the quiver as close as possible to the riser, drastically reducing torque and increasing accuracy. Additionally, the quiver features a built-in rubber hood insert that helps absorb vibration and keeps your broadheads sharp, as they don't have to slide in and out of foam.

Another great feature of the Tightspot Quiver is its adjustable arrow gripper. This allows you to customize the "fit" of your arrows, making it perfect for archers using skinny shafts. The quiver is also vertically adjustable, so you can customize its location and balance.

If you are a serious hunter looking for the best ultralight hunting quiver on the market, the Tightspot Airlock is the perfect choice.

  •  LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightest premium archery quiver on the market today. Optimally designed to reduce off set weight and increase bow balance.
  • TIGHT FIT: The Airlock fits tighter to the bow, optimizing balance and shot to shot consistency.
  • VERSACLIP: Features VersaClip integrated hanging hook with quick connect latch. This unique hanging system allows the quiver to be hung within easy reach, no matter the obstacle, as well as versatility in carrying options. Quickly clips to a backpack, bow case, the options are endless.
  • HEXROD CARBON: Unlike the competitor's single, round carbon rods, the HexRod spine ensures proper hood-to-gripper alignment and will not move. Plus, it reduces overall weight and vibration on the shot.
  • QUICK DETACH: Oversized quick release lever provides easy access for quiver removal. Locks down tight to eliminate noise on the shot.
  • BULLDOG GRIPPER: Individually adjustable arrow wedges adapt to virtually any arrow diameter. Incorporates a Quick-Draw 2nd arrow feature for quick follow up shots
  • LARGE HOOD DESIGN: The larger hood design will accommodate longer and wider broadheads.
  • WEIGHT: 7.8 oz.

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Granite = Mathews Granite

Moss Green = Mathews Green Ambush

OD Green = Bowtech

Saddle Tan = Hoyt Buckskin

Weight: 7.8 oz w/ mounting bracket

Number of Arrows: 4

Number of Grippers: 1

Length: 20.75"

Customer Reviews

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Tight Spot Airlock is perfect for my set up. S&S for the win.


Fantastic quiver. Super adjustable. Excellent shop to order from.

Richard Jeane

I have owned many quivers and this is absolutely the best. Light and solid.