HHA Sports is a brand that S&S Archery has respected for a very long time. Over 30 years of building sights, and a decade of focus on single pin sights has paid off. Leading the sport in single pin sights, HHA has a sight for the serious hunter and elite 3D shooter, so why not you?  All HHA products are American made, and covered by a 100% lifetime warranty for the original owner. Not only that, they'll get issues repaired or replaced within 48 hours!

Range. Dial. Shoot.

HHA's RDS system uses simple math to get you the most accurate sight tape for unmatched accuracy. And that calibrates to confidence on the range, and in the field!

Fully Protected Fiber

ARMOR Pin Technology is a CNC machined aluminum pin guard that protects the fiber optic on every HHA adjustable sight we sell. Backcountry durable? You bet!

Tool Free Adjustments

Once your HHA sight is mounted to your bow, you can count on tool free gang adjustments making sighting in a breeze.