Spot Hogg Sights

Spot Hogg Sights are well known for their precise adjustment and almost overbuilt durability. S&S Archery specializes in archery and bowhunting sights like Spot Hogg. Whether you need a sight for your next backcountry hunt or the next season on the target trail, a Spot Hogg Sight may be for you.

 Recently Spot Hogg implemented "Multi Ring Technology". Why is that important? MRT provides superior peep to sight alignment in all lighting conditions. The view through an archer's peep is constantly changing depending on the amount of ambient light at the time of shooting. For example a peep will appear smaller in bright, direct, sunlight, conditions often found in backyard practice sessions, but will seem much larger when hunting out of a dark ground blind. Often times in lower light the archer will notice a lot of space between their peep and their pin housing. With MRT, rather than see empty space as the lighting changes, the archer will see another ring and will be able to more precisely center their housing. Improved centering of the sight within the peep will shrink group sizes and increase consistency. Need help deciding what options you need? Check out our blog post on your Spot Hogg sight.

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