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Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Custom Sight

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Custom

Build your Spot Hogg Fast Eddie exactly the way you want it!


• Now also available with the NEW MRT Multi-Pin Housing • Lightweight Solid Fixed Hard Mount • Micro Adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis • Coarse Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments • Toolless Adjustment • Silent ,Quick Release Lock for Yardage Knob • HRD Technology, No Bushings, No Slop, No Buzz • Spreads Out Sight Marks • New Improved Yardage Dial with better grip and more relief from the sight tape and pointer • Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction • New Double Pointer for Double Pin Configuration • New Pointer for Single and Multi-Pin Configurations Need help deciding what options you need? Check out our blog post onSpot Hogg sights.


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Type: Slider

Weight: 11.4oz

Housing Size: MRT (Multiple Ring Technology) Included

Number of Pins: 2

Pin Size: .010 .019 or .029

Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brad Bushman

I like this sight a lot especially the spot hog mrt pin system the only thing I wish I could change on this sight it the availability to move the pin up and down sighting in 20 yards with out taking off the hole mount but most adj sights are this way other than that it’s the best sight I ever own

Jeff Frantz
Best site I’ve ever owned

fast Eddie 3 pin. MRT. This sight is SOLID and very well made. Adjustment is smooth. Pins at solid. Pin adjustment is awesome once u learn to do it. (Watch YouTube) all axis adjustments are nice. Some people may think these sights are expensive but they really are worth it for the serious archer. All the axis adjustments and micro pin adjustments are at a level that most standard (cheaper) sights just don’t offer. It really shows when you start shooting long distances and steep angles. I used to think ahh I’m just a hunter I only shoot to 40 yards what’s it matter. Which still is the case for a lot of my hunting. However I now love to practice hard shots. 100 yards down a mountain etc. I really believe everyone should do this. It will make you a much better shot. And hunting shots at 30 yards will start to feel so simple. I also find it necessary for my trips out west etc. in chase of elk and larger game that may come with some harder longer shots. However practicing these shots without a good site with correct adjustments is difficult and will just leave u crusted. (Been there!)For me the 3 pin set up is really the best of both worlds. It essentially gives me a fixed pin sight. Without the clutter of a 5 pin or 7 pin setup. But it also gives the flexibility of an adjustable pin when needed. I ordered a custom pin setup. I set my pins at 30,40,50. @ .029”-.019” -.010. This allows me to hunt in most circumstances without the worry of moving my sight while hunting situations unfold. (This is normally the concern with an adjustable sight. A situation unfolds quickly and your trying to range and adjust your site than you get to full draw and the buck runs a doe another 10 yards and now
Your at full draw sight set on 20yards and deer standing at 32 yards etc. ). This setup avoids all that for me. But I can and do use my bottom pin as a floater. From 50 yards out to 100 yards. Which is really nice when just practicing or hunting larger game like elk or caribou.

Dougals Barton
Fast Eddie

Is a good sight built well but a little hard to set the 33rd acid. If you the old 10 pin's you my want the. New 19a if you have old ever lol. Doug