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Spot Hogg Boonie


Introducing the Spot Hogg Boonie Archery Sight

Are you ready to experience archery like never before? Step into the world of precision and innovation with the Spot Hogg Boonie Archery Sight.

Compact and Lightweight:

The Boonie sight has been meticulously engineered to be approximately 10% lighter than the Fast Eddie line, making it the ideal choice for archers who demand both performance and portability.

Versatile Head Attachments:

The Boonie is fully compatible with all the head attachments from our current line. Whether you prefer a pic mount, a hard mount, or a dovetail mount, the choice is yours. Switching between attachments is effortless, thanks to its user-friendly design.

Micro-Adjustable Knob:

The innovative knob offers precision control. Lock it down for a rock-solid hold, or fine-tune your adjustments with ease. The knob is even removable, allowing you to set up a second knob with a different sight tape for various bows and arrows.

Slotted Lockdown Screw Holes:

No more fussing with retightening your sight. The slotted lockdown screw holes enable micro-adjustments, so you can achieve the perfect alignment without the hassle.

Second and Third Axis Adjustments:

The Boonie features a second axis and third axis adjustment to ensure your shots are always on target. Experience a wider range of horizontal micro-adjustments with positive clicks.

Quick Disconnect:

Traveling? No problem. The quick disconnect feature makes it convenient to remove the head or bracket. 

Compatible with All Heads:

Whether you prefer a single, double, triple, or even a five pin setup, the Boonie supports all our current heads, making it the most versatile movable sight we've ever created.

Experience the future of archery with the Spot Hogg Boonie Archery Sight. Get ready to elevate your archery game to new heights with the Boonie.

The Boonie features:

  • Changeable Mounts including Solid Mount, Pic Mount, and 4" dovetail
  • Silent Click free adjustments
  • Rugged and Lightweight
  • Micro adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis
  • Coarse Horizontal and Vertical adjustments
  • Tool-less adjustment
  • HRD Technology; No bushings, No slop, No buzz!
  • Spreads out Sight Marks
  • The removable knob allows for easy switching between different sight setups, tapes, bows, and arrows, offering versatility for different shooting needs.
  • 10% lighter than the Fast Eddie
  • Solid 6061 Aluminum Constructions

Not finding the configuration you want? Please check our custom build page.

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Type: Slider

Weight: 11.4oz

Housing Size: MRT (Multiple Ring Technology) Included

 Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

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