Black Gold Mountain Lite

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Black Gold Mountain Lite

The Black Gold Mountain Lite is based on the very popular Verdict. Only now it's more compact, lightweight and adjustable. The Ascent Mountain Lite has all the great features of the Ascent Verdict but with a new compact lightweight ML3 base with 3rd axis. The Mountain Lite also features Black Gold's new Dual Indicator System giving the archer the option to use two independent yardage indicators. Allowing the archer to set up multiple marks using different pins and the same sight tape. Dial short or dial far with the new Dual Indicator System.

The Mountain Lite sports 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustment, angled 45° sight tape, and is offered in a 3 or 5 pin stock head

  • Level Head sight ring is far easier to adjust, far more secure; can be customized to fit into top of sight ring
  • NEW Duel Indicator System; both needles are indexable, Dial short or dail far
  • Splined vertical drive gear increases durability by 80% and provides a quieter, more solid feel!
  • High performance PhotoChromatic shell – 80% tougher, changes color faster
  • More range and adjustability than traditional hunting movable sights
  • Angled (45°) sight tape can be seen from side or back
  • 54 sight tapes included – choose the one that’s right for you!
  • Precision 1st, 2nd and 3rd Axis adjustability
  • Works great with one-piece quivers (unlike most movable sights)
  • Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment

 Available in a 3 pin or 5 pin. Or you can customize it the way you want on our Custom Mountain Lite page.

  • High performance PhotoChromatic Technology™ automatically darkens in bright light to dull pins, prevent pin halo. 
  • Individually adjustable Duel Indicator System, Allowing you to select multiple pins on your sight tape
  • “Dial-of-Death” adjustment system gives target sight accuracy to bowhunters; 80% more gear surface interface means smoother operation, no gear burnout; reliable SureGrip knob.
  • Lightweight Compact ML3 3rd Axis Base.
  • Level Head sight ring with pre-installed level that’s much easier to adjust and far more secure.
  • Machined aluminum guard for maximum durability and pin protection.


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Type: Slider

Weight: 8oz

Housing Size: 1 3/4"

Number of Pins: 3 and 5 pin models

Pin Size: .019

Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Adam Wampole

Comes with a ton of different tapes. Nice solid sight and the pins are super bright. Works great with a tightspot quiver. Adjustment knob is pretty stiff but solid. Really nice sight.

Great sight .... great customer service!

I had a few questions before I ordered.... S&S was prompt to answer! I then proceeded with my purchase in confidence! The sight is super lightweight...pins are bright!! The dual indicator was a major selling point ... very convenient feature!

Brian Sanders
5 pin Mountain Lite

This is the first Dial sight I've used, I was a little nervous about getting it dialed in. After multiple videos on how to set it up I found a video from Black Gold on YouTube and it made it very clear how to setup the sight tape. Once I got the correct sight tape it was money from then on. 20-60 from top pin to bottom pin. And I can adjust my bottom floater to 100 yards no problem. It's an amazing sight so far. Thanks S&S and Black Gold.

Josh Green
Great purchase great service

The sight was just what I was after. Customer service was great, they helped me pick through a couple different sights and options which helped me feel comfortable in the purchase. Easy to set up with the write up one of the s and s guys did. This was the first sight I had set up myself and I had no issues at all. So far it’s shooting great and the ergonomics are way better than my last Sight so I’m happy.

Overall great product and great service.

Perfect sight

I have shot nothing but Black Gold sights for the last 5-6 years and have no desire to change. They are bright, well-made, and super durable. I can't recommend them enough. They aren't the cheapest thing in the world, but you definitely get what you pay for with these.