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Black Gold Pro Hunter HD


Black Gold Pro Hunter HD

As western style backcountry hunters, this Black Gold Pro Hunter HD is exactly what we have been waiting for! The new pro style pins offer pinpoint accuracy, and the micro 1st and 3rd axis ensure that accuracy at distance and at any angle.   

The Pro Hunter HD is engineered to be exactly what hunters have asked for: Precision pinpoint accuracy coupled with lightweight maneuverability. Providing more range and adjustability than traditional moveable sight, the super smooth yardage dial is lockable, and designed to be zeroed out, or taken back to default even in the dark. The Pro Pin has a narrower pin throat that ends in a rounded pin head. This smaller throat allows for less target blackout, as well as a more defined aiming point. With the brightest pins in the industry, this Black Gold Pro Hunter HD bow site will be a favorite for any hunter.

Pro Hunter HD 3 or 5 Pin .019 Pro Sight Pins

Design: Bow Hunter's Dream

Material: 6061 T6 machined aluminum

Base: Pro X Frame, or 4" Wing Truss, 4" dovetail (mathews bridgelock compatible)

Pin: 3 or 5 all-metal, machined Bomb Proof micro-groove Pro Sight Pins

Stock 3 Pin: Green, Red, Yellow

Stock 5 Pin: Green, Red, Yellow, Green, Red

Custom 3 Pin .019 Green, .019 Yellow, .010 Green

Custom 5 Pin .019 Green, .019 Green, .019 Yellow, .010 Green, .010 Green

Finish: Black only

  • NEW! Pro Sight Pins allow for a more defined aiming point
  • NEW! Micro 1st Axis
  • Rear facing sight tape standard
  • Highperformance Photo Chromatic Shell is 80% tougher and changes color faster
  • Lock on 3rd Axis prevents movement
  • Large adjustable level is easier to see and set
  • 54 Sight tapes included
  • Interchangeable Fluorescent guard rings for fast sight acquisition
  • Dial adjustment system gives target sight accuracy to bowhunters
  • More range and adjustability than traditional hunting slider sights
  • Exclusive micro first axis adjustment keeps sight dialed in at long ranges
  • Works great with one piece quivers (unlike most slider sights)
  • Designed to accommodate computer generated sight tapes
  • Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment

Click here to watch a video on properly setting up your Black Gold Adjustable sight.

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Type: Slider

Weight: 9.3oz

Housing Size: 1 3/4"

Base: Pro X Frame, or 4" Wing Truss

Number of Pins: 3, and 5 Pin Models

Pin Size: .019

Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jared DeMers

Great service and sight!

Broc atwood
Awesome sight

This is my first Black and gold sight and also my first time using S and S, both exceeded my expectations. Sight was easy to set up and I love it. Customer service went above and beyond to fix my mistake. I highly recommend. Thanks Rob.

Bob the marine!

Big Robert the United States Marine is my ace in the hole for whatever I need and he's faster then super man in getting it to me period hands down the top man in the business for your bow and bow Hunter needs!!!! His personality can't be beat and he is a pro shooter in what I've witnessed in his videos so give him a call you won't be sorry!!! The black gold 5 pin pro HD is a gem!!!

Black Gold Pro HD

I bought my first Black Gold 17 years ago,.I thought it was awesome .I bought the Mathews VX3 and I called S&S Archery and they sold me the Black Gold Pro HD fantastic sight and is compatible to the new riser.It’s hard to shoot any other sight. They have the best pins and are easy to set up!

Andrew H
Great sight!

This is my first Black Gold. Set up and sighting in was easy. The pins are noticeably brighter than my previous set up. Would recommend!