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TightSpot 7 Arrow Quiver

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TightSpot 7 Arrow Quiver

The TightSpot 7 arrow quiveris the answer to a lot of the inherent problems with today's quivers. An ingenious design that brings the quiver as close as possible to your riser drastically reducing torque and thus increasing accuracy. The Tightspot also has some other outstanding features. The built in rubber hood insert helps absorb vibration and keeps your broadheads sharp as they don't have to slide in and out of foam. It also has the ability to customize the "fit" of your arrows in the rubber arrow gripper as they are individually adjustable with small screws. For years quivers have had one standard arrow size that fit well and if you shot skinny or fat arrow shafts you had to deal with those problems. With an adjustable screw you can customize each individual gripper for a perfect fit. Archers using really skinny shafts like the Victory VAP's or Easton Injexion will really appreciate this feature. The arrow quiver is also vertically adjustable so you can customize its location and balance.


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Weight: 10oz

Number of Arrows: 7

Number of Grippers: 1

Length: 19.75"


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Pat Habel
Great in-person customer service

Great customer service. Have not installed yet waiting for my bow to arrive. Quick shipping. I will buy from in the future.

Steve K
Best quiver in 20+ years of bowhunting

I've owned lots of quivers over the years and they have all left something to be desired. I had heard rave reviews about Tight Spot over the years but have been hesitant to pull the trigger because I thought a quiver couldn't possibly justify that hefty price tag..but I think I found a keeper. It's tight fitting to your bow and enables you to carry a few extra arrows with no weight penalty. Some other quivers in the past have developed rattles and become loose from the beatings in the mountains and are quite annoying but I have yet to have this happen with this quiver. It is a good match with the Black Gold Pro Sight.

But one

Great quiver. Best out of five I've owned, mounts super tight to the bow, great quality. I use micro diameter arrows, the adjustments holds the arrows tight as I want them. The ability to have a couple extra arrows to practice with or have judo points on is great, they fit right inside the other 5 arrows so you don't notice any extra bulk to the head of the quiver.

Phil Cox
Love it

Was wondering if I should get the TS or something else. Had some folks recommend it, so I tried it. Not disappointed. Mounts solid on my bow. Well balanced. Quiet. I am pleased I made the choice. I also went with the 7 arrow over the 5 because of the fact that "capacity is there if/when I need it."

Jonathan Davis

This quiver is rock solid and has enough adjustment to fit any length arrow. No vibration. I put it on a Mathews triax that has a spot hogg fast Eddie XL sight which makes this bow feel front heavy. After I mounted the tight spot quiver, it balanced out really well.