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Black Gold Mountain Lite Dual Trac

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Black Gold Mountain Lite Dual Trac

Maximum Visibility and Maneuverability. That’s what the Mountain Lite Dual Trac is all about. Built on the industry-leading Dual Trac Sight platform, the Mountain Lite Dual Trac still provides increased target visibility while providing dual aiming points. Available in standard windage and elevation adjustment, this sight is a lighter option for those looking to reduce overall bow weight. Additionally, the ML Base creates a more compact profile for increased maneuverability and reduced pin gaps.

The Mountain Lite dual trac sports 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustment, angled 45° sight tape

  • The perfect combination of single-pin visibility with the addition of a 2nd independently adjustable pin Pro Pin for increased speed in aiming.
  • .019 Pro Pins have a narrower pin throat that ends in a perfectly matched round pinhead that allows for less target blackout.
  • The ML base is more compact and super lightweight. Perfect for maneuverability in the tightest conditions.
  • The high-performance PhotoChromatic shell adapts pin brightness to all light conditions for perfect pin clarity.
  • Level Head sight ring is far easier to adjust, far more secure; can be customized to fit into top of sight ring
  • NEW Duel Indicator System; both needles are indexable, Dial short or dail far
  • Splined vertical drive gear increases durability by 80% and provides a quieter, more solid feel!
  • Angled (45°) sight tape can be seen from side or back
  • 54 sight tapes included – choose the one that’s right for you!
  • Precision 1st, 2nd and 3rd Axis adjustability
  • Works great with one-piece quivers (unlike most movable sights)
  • Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment


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    Type: Slider

    Weight: 8.7oz

    Housing Size: 1 3/4"

    Pin Size: .019

    Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

    100% Made in USA

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