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S&S Backcountry Pro Dual Trac

Pin Configuration
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S&S Archery's Pro Dual Trac Sight

The S&S Backcountry Pro Dual Trac is built to our specs for maximum accuracy and a crisp, clean sight picture. Our custom built version includes 2 green pins, a .019 on top and a .010 on the bottom. This versatile sight incorporates Black Gold’s Pro Pin, providing a more defined aiming point and less target obstruction in a up pin configuration. It also features a 2nd independently adjustable Pro Pin in line with the first. This provides an additional quick aiming point without the need to move the dial while still maximizing target clarity. We've added a V3X compatible 4" dovetail for enhanced adjustability and accuracy. 

The Dual Indicator System reduces time and
movement by providing a needle for shorter
yardages combined with a 2nd needle for
longer range shooting.

Micro adjustable windage and elevation makes
precise and accurate sighting in a breeze.

The Pro Pin has a narrower pin throat that ends
in a round pinhead. This smaller throat allows
for less target blackout, as well as a more
defined aiming point.

Custom Setup

.019 Green on top

.010 Green or .010 Yellow on bottom

Micro Gang Adjustment

4" v3x compatible dovetail with 3rd axis adjustability


X Frame base w/3rd axis NOT compatible with v3x

To build your own custom Pro Dual Trac check out our custom page.

Click here to watch a video on properly setting up your Black Gold Adjustable sight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andy Kurlovich
S&S backcountry pro first impression

I’m really liking this sight the short time I’ve had it. At 62 my eyes aren’t there best anymore and I was getting a lot of starburst with the old sight especially in bright lite the photochromatic thing works well also l was worried about being able to see the 10 thousands pin. I shoot both eyes open and tend to blur the pins and concentrate on the target if that makes sense and the ten pin allows for greater precision at distance for me. I haven’t messed with the sight tapes as I’m tinkering with a different arrow setup .

Jeffery Crump
Extremely adjustable

Very adjustable sight and the ability to set the pins to your preference is perfect for setting up the perfect hunting sight for your setup. 20 and 40 is just right for the deer woods

Perfect hunting sight

Set a 30 and 50 your set adjustable 2 pin vertical amazing sight picture doesn’t get better

Mike D
Sweet Whitetail Sight

Really liking the sight design, pin sizes and color choice on this one. Rock solid, dead quiet and S & S is great with customer service. Super happy with my purchase. This will be deadly in the deer woods this fall!

george burton
2 nd chance trophy

Oh yes the second chance dual pro trac black gold single pin I’m lovin it!!! You know big bad Robert the marine at S&S Archery wasn’t lying and I ain’t crying !!! Fellow hunters I’ve been waitin for this second chance sight and black gold gets a ten star on this one too!!! Those running ,nervous won’t stand still targets don’t stand a chance now as my yardage’s are set on my dual track kill a big rack!!! I’m set at 20 and 35 yards on my DS3800 70 lb. Darton firing my 426.6 grain black eagle arrows at 310 fps!!! Big bad Robert the marine said hey George if there’s something you don’t like review it the way you see it but friends I ain’t seeing anything wrong Except the silver lock down screw which is annoying to look at in front of the second pin so I just shot a big ole woodchuck that wouldn’t stand still but thanks to that second pin he’s in the frigerater awaiting my banquet my friends from the city are unaware of and I used a drop of chucks blood and added it to that silver set screw to remind me of a good memory and to cover that annoying silver lock screw!!! You could color it black with a sharpie I suppose but chuck blood sticks good too!!! All and all S&S archery and big bad Robert the marine are tops in whatever you need!!!