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Vapor Trail Gen Integrate 8x


Introducing the latest addition to Vapor Trail's arrow rest lineup - the most compact micro adjust design yet. The Gen Integrate 8x Limbdriven Arrow Rest easily attaches to the Integrate Mounting System™ and offers a range of advanced features to take your archery game to the next level.

Thanks to its smooth Micro-Adjustable Windage and Elevation system with a hex head and lock screw, you can make precise adjustments without the need for clicks. This means you can aim for dead center on your "X" without any restriction in between clicks.

The Full Capture Cage is made of Carbon with Rubber Over mold and features Vapor Trail's exclusive vibration-dampening material, providing you with a stable and secure hold for your arrow. The side gate allows for quick and easy loading of arrows of any size, ensuring maximum convenience.

The Gen Integrate 8x Limbdriven Arrow Rest comes equipped with a removable Side Pulley Arm that allows you to choose between Top or Bottom Limb Activation, depending on your preference. Additionally, it is available in 14 different interchangeable colors, so you can customize it to match your style without having to change any settings on your arrow rest.

A Free-floating launcher arm supports the arrow for 70% of the shot cycle, guiding your missile for deadlier accuracy. The Arm Stop Block has an embedded rubber dampener, further reducing vibration and noise. The Shelf Hushing Arrow Grabbing (SHAG) Pad cradles your arrow until your bow is drawn or your rest is activated, minimizing any contact noise on your shelf. It's also easy to set up and can be trimmed to fit your specific needs.

The Limb Pad ensures the activation cord stays in place, reducing vibration transfer from limb to cord and making your bow setup even quieter. With a weight of only 4.1 ounces, this arrow rest won't add any unnecessary weight to your bow.

Proudly made in the USA, the Gen Integrate 8x Limbdriven Arrow Rest is the ultimate choice for archers seeking superior accuracy, convenience, and style.


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        Weight: 4.1oz

        Type: Limb Driven

        Micro Adjust: Yes

        Lifetime Warranty 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 2 reviews
          Terry Brew

          very simple to set up and adjust. took minutes to get perfect arrow flight from the time I opened the box, installed and went out to the range. Quiet. I am very happy with the rest! The option of which ever limb to use is nice. I went to the bottom limb to use the pulley that came installed, had a twang/ buzz on release. the cord was vibrating against the rest. A strip of moleskin under the cord and its perfectly quiet. The mounting system is rock solid and keeps the bow a bit more streamlined.

          Give it a shot

          After over 50 years of sending arrows sailing to the target and game rests have came a long way! I have the gen 8 and it’s fantastic and the sideways launcher is very unique and out of the way and the weight of the rest and the micro adjustments are also state of the art! Big bad Robert the marine wouldn’t sell just any rest as he’s a top archer and a fantastic marine as he served his country honorably as he will you so give him a call you will be happy you did and rest assured the gen 8 will have you busting x after x my friends!!!