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Vapor Trail Gen Integrate 8

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Vapor Trail has recently released one of its most compact arrow rest designs to date, the Limb Driven Arrow Rest, which can be mounted onto the Integrate Mounting System™. This arrow rest comes equipped with an adjustable windage and elevation feature, as well as a lock screw. Unlike other rests that produce audible clicks when adjusted, this rest is click-free, allowing for finer adjustments to be made to hit dead center on the "X".

The Gen Integrate 8 Limb Driven Arrow Rest also features a Full Capture Cage with a side gate, which makes it easy to load arrows of all sizes. The cage is made of carbon with rubber overmold, which dampens vibrations and enhances stability during use. The proprietary vibration-dampening material used in the cage further ensures that the arrow remains stable during release, ultimately leading to a more accurate shot.

To enhance the rest's versatility, Vapor Trail offers an Optional Side Pulley Arm that can be purchased separately to allow for top or bottom limb activation. This feature makes the rest adaptable to various shooting styles and preferences.

The rest's free-floating launcher arm offers support to the arrow during 70% of the shot cycle, leading to deadlier accuracy. Additionally, the Arm Stop Block features an embedded rubber dampener that further reduces vibrations during use.

The rest also features a Shelf Hushing Arrow Grabbing (SHAG) Pad that cradles the arrow until the bow is drawn or the rest is activated, eliminating any contact noise. The SHAG Pad is easy to set up and can be custom-fit by cutting it to size. The Limb Pad feature prevents the activation cord from slipping on the limb and reduces the transfer of vibrations from the limb to the cord, making the bow setup even quieter.

The Gen 8 Limb Driven Arrow Rest is a lightweight design, weighing in at only 3.6 ounces. It is proudly made in the USA, ensuring the quality of its materials and construction.


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        Weight: 3.6oz

        Type: Limb Driven

        Micro Adjust: No

        Lifetime Warranty 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 2 reviews
          Getting closer to perfect

          I prefer Vaportrail rests over all other options. I love the Gen 7 if it will properly fit the bow I am wanting to install it on. My current bow has the integrate option so I opted for the Gi8 rest.

          My overall impression of the Gi8 is positive. It works well and does what it's supposed to. I only have a couple of areas for concern.

          I wish the body of the rest didn't stick out so far to the right of the riser (RH bow). It just looks a bit odd. I suppose it doesn't stick out further than the Gen 7 that is a standard mounting rest, and maybe this is just how it has to be made to fit a wide variety of bows.

          Second, I wish the lock down screws for elevation and windage adjustments were a bit beefier. The screws in use may not cause any issues at all, and might be fine for the task, but the screws that do the same jobs on tbe Gen 7 are indeed larger. I feel I can add a bit more umph to tighten them without worring about breaking the screws or stripping the threads

          Jeff Spencer
          Great rest now with Integrate

          Same great performance as Gen7. More streamlined mounting. Simple to set up and tune!