Hamskea Epsilon Arrow Rest

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Hamskea's best rest ever, the Hamskea Epsilon Arrow Rest. Designed for those who demand the best, the Epsilon is all about top-notch performance and rock-solid reliability. We've taken the latest technology and toughest materials to create an arrow rest that's both super strong and incredibly precise, just like a tank but with the finesse of a high-end watch.

It's built to last and designed to perform, giving you the edge you need whether you're competing or just shooting for fun. The Epsilon is straightforward, powerful, and ready to take your archery to the next level. With Hamskea's Epsilon, you're getting more than just an arrow rest; you're getting a trusty companion that won't let you down.

  • C.O.R. Mount™ Technology
    • Center-Shot Optimized Rest
    • Puts the arrow rest right behind the riser for a lower profile.
    • When using the Mathews Bracket or C.O.R. Interface, the rest will be set to 13/16” center shot out of the package.
  • Limb Actuated
    • Can be set up Top Limb Drive, Bottom Limb Driven, or Cable Driven.
  • Micro-Click Windage and Elevation Adjustment
    • Ball-Detent system.
    • .003 Per Click.
  • Three Stainless Steel Bearings
    • Gives smooth actuation and supports the full length of the carrier rod.
  • Overmolded Launcher and Containment Bracket
    • New launcher design.
    • Quiet surface that doesn’t require felt.
  • Rebound Dampener
    • Manages launcher rebound and minimizes mechanical stresses.
  • Low Profile Design
    • Allows for better quiver and cable clearance.
  • Zero Tolerance Technology™ (ZTT)
    • Tighter tolerances eliminating lateral play in the launcher.
  • Adjustable Launcher Position
    • Up and down stop positions that are adjustable independent of each other.
  • Adjustable Torsion Spring Tension
    • Adjust the internal torsion spring to best fit your specific arrow choice.
  • Delta V Arrow Guide
    • Holds your arrow when the bow is at brace.

Included in the Package:

  • Rebound Dampener
  • Mounting System
  • C.O.R. Mount™ Interface
  • Knobby Limb Pad and Riser Mounted Arrow Guide
  • Die Cut Felt
  • Limb Activation Cord
  • Instructions and all Mounting Hardware
  • 5/32” Allen Wrench

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Type: Limb Driven or Cable Driven

Micro Click Adjust: Yes

Lifetime Warranty 

  • Width
    • 2.869”
  • Weight
    • Universal Bracket
    • 5.1 oz
    • C.O.R. Interface
    • 4.0 oz


Customer Reviews

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Doug Monninger
Hamskea epsilon mathews bracket

Best rest made! Have 1 on vxr & v3x. Solid , built like a tank. Highly recommend. For s&s, super great people to deal with, very helpful & friendly. By far the fastest shipping iv'e ever seen period. Been ordering from s&s for a few yrs. now & will keep on ordering from s&s. Thanks for the great service.



Anthony Erholtz
Best rest on the market

Hands down the best rest on the market today.


Awesome rest

Bryant Sentman
Very solid!

The S&S team was super helpful in steering me towards the Epsilon rest for my new Phase4. I can’t believe how streamlined everything is and how close I can mount my tightspot to the bow with the Mathews bracket. Very happy so far.