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Ripcord Drive Limb Driven Rest -Micro

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Ripcord Drive Limb Driven Rest -Micro

The Ripcord Drive (new for 2018) is the Ripcord limb driven rest that you have been waiting for! Lightweight and durable, and tunes up in minutes!

  • Micro Adjust
  • Adjustable launcher angle
  • Easy cord tension adjustment
  • Easy installation - attaches to top or bottom limb
  • Over molded launcher
  • Internal dampening
  • Ball bearing drive system

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    Weight: 4oz

    Type: Limb Driven

    Micro Adjust: Yes

    Lifetime Warranty 

      Customer Reviews

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      Frank Garcia
      First drop away arrow rest

      I have always hunted with a whisker biscuit and decided to upgrade my old bow. I went with the Ripcord Drive Limb Driven Rest -Micro, since it is easy to install and make adjustments, doesn't require a bow press and if I had issues in the field I could easily repair in minutes. My only complaint is the adjust launcher angle screw makes noise as the drive system rotates and hits the screw when drawing back the bow. Metal hitting meta is not ideal in the hunting woods and you would think Ripcord would have been aware of this during the design process and used some rubberized or felt material in this area to eliminate noise. With that said it is a completely functional drop away rest, I just thought for the price, more attention to detail in product development would have occurred.