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Ripcord Lok Arrow Rest


Ripcord Lok

Micro Adjustable Limb Driven Full Containment Rest

The Ripcord Lok is a limb-driven rest with the ability to be pre-cocked for full arrow containment. This is the perfect rest for hunters who want a limb driven rest, but also want to stalk without the worry of your nocked arrow bouncing around.

  • Full time arrow containment. Spot & Stalk or windy days, your arrow is always contained until the shot
  • Click Micro Adjust. Allows you to move your rest in minute precision increments. With each click move the rest .003" or with each full turn of the knob move the rest .025"
  • 2x Ball Bearing Drive System. Double ball bearing offers smooth operation for unmatched accuracy and durability
  • Push Button Activation. Simply push the button to cock the rest to the up position. Bow can also be drawn with the rest in the down position.
  • Teardrop cord clamp. Inline cord clamp makes setting the cord tension each and allows you to choose where you want the clamp to be. The cord can also be changed out quickly.


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      Weight: 4.4oz

      Type: Limb Driven

      Micro Adjust: Yes

      Lifetime Warranty 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        S and s archery, rip cord lok

        The company's customer service was awesome. The product I bought did not perform out of the box. The reliability of the rest to drop away was hit or miss. The material (containment bar and launcher) to me would snap in cold environment, not good plastic. Ended up going with a true drop away all metal.

        Great conceptual design

        Everything I was looking for in a rest, but experienced a malfunction. The push button feature failed, although it still worked when drawn. S&S and Ripcord were both helpful with replacing the product. Hopefully Ripcord has gotten the bugs out. Replacement product is working flawlessly. Fingers crossed.