Hamskea Everest

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The Hamskea Everest features an all-metal construction with billet machined components, ensuring strength and durability. The C.O.R. Mount Technology is a notable feature, positioning the majority of the rest behind the bow riser. This design allows the shooter to bring the quiver closer to the riser, enhancing balance. The product is compatible with LoPro quivers from Hoyt and Mathews and offers three different mounting options.

The C.O.R. Riser Mount Interface, one of the mounting options, attaches to two holes drilled into the back of the riser. This eliminates the need for attachment to the berger hole and sets the rest at 13/16” center-shot right out of the box. The C.O.R. Universal Adaptor Bracket, another option, attaches the rest via the berger button, allows for torque tuning of the rest, and fits the majority of bows. The C.O.R. Mathews Bracket is specifically compatible with Mathews bows that have a 0.900” thick riser and also sets the rest at a 13/16” center-shot.

The product features a Limb Actuated multi-configurable rest, which can be attached to either the bottom or top limb without needing additional parts. It can also be set up as a Cable Fall-Away, if needed or desired. It includes two stainless-steel ball bearings, which are sealed and maintenance-free. These bearings ensure smooth and consistent actuation in any weather conditions, with tight tolerances that remain constant over time. This contrasts with rests that use bushings, which may have slop from the factory and worsen over time.

The over molded launcher and 2-piece containment bracket are notable features. The launcher doesn't require felt for a quiet draw cycle, and the over mold containment bracket silently contains your arrow before the shot. The top containment bracket can be removed if desired while still maintaining the bottom bracket. The Rebound Dampener is a durable design that eliminates the need for the Dampening Coil Spring. It manages launcher flutter, minimizes shock transferred from the limb to the rest, and is quiet during the shot.

The product also boasts Zero Tolerance Technology, ensuring no slop in the carrier rod, which guarantees accuracy and repeatability. The Adjustable Launcher Spring Tension allows for fine-tuning to better fit the weight of a specific arrow and enables the launcher to flex with the arrow as it paradoxes during the shot, rather than the arrow pushing off of the launcher.

Lastly, the Micro-Launcher Angle Adjustment “MLA” Technology is a new feature allowing continuous adjustment to the launcher angle. This enables customers to micro-tune the launcher stopping points, with up-stop and down-stop being independent of each other. Nylon Ball prevents the screw from moving during tuning or tests. Separate locking set screws are provided to lock the adjustment screws after the adjustment is complete. The product also includes standard windage and elevation adjustments for faster setup.

Universal Mount

  • Attaches the rest via the berger button.
  • Allows for torque tuning of the rest.
  • Fits majority of bows.

Riser Mount 

  • Attaches to the two holes drilled into the back of the riser eliminating the need to attach to the berger hole.
  • Puts rest at 13/16” center-shot out of the box.

C.O.R. Mathews Bracket

  • Compatible with Mathews bows with 0.900” thick riser.
  • Puts rest at 13/16” center-shot out of the box.
  • Weighs just 4.6oz
  • The rest is in-line behind the riser eliminating quiver interference
  • Miro-Launcher angle adjustment
  • Uber secure & precise picatinny clamping system
  • Configurable for top limb, bottom limb or cable-driven activation
  • Eliminates lateral shaft movement with Zero Tolerance Technology (ZTT)
  • Two stainless steel bearings for smooth actuation
  • Rebound dampener manages launcher rebound and mechanical stresses
  • Cord Clamp Tensioner
  • Adjustable Torsion Spring Tension

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