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Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro

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Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Non-Micro

The Hybrid Hunter Pro takes design elements from the proven VersaRest platform and puts them in a more streamline package that is 20% lighter. The Zero Tolerance Technology is key to ensure that there is no lateral play in the shaft and that the rotation action is silky smooth. The launcher shaft rides on two oversized sealed stainless steel ball bearings that won’t wear out, but continue to rotate smoothly shot after shot.

The Hybrid Hunter Pro also adopts adjustment features like Zero Stop Technology for the up and down positions of the launcher which makes for an absolute repeatable launcher position ensuring accuracy. For tunability, the textured spring knob provides multiple adjust positions to change the rotation tension of the launcher shaft. Coupled with the 8 sided, non-slip, compression clamp design of the lever arm and the anti-bounce back dampening coil give you all the elements for ultimate tunability to maximize your accuracy. To ensure bow hunting success, the new Hybrid Hunter Pro is mindful of the metallic sounds of archery equipment in the woods.

The containment bracket is completely covered in a soft-shell rubber type coating wrapped around a composite core structure for durability and quietness. This approach has also been applied to the containment launcher with a similar proprietary material, gone are the days of having to apply felt to the launcher, the proprietary coating on the launcher will minimize sound, but is durable and lightweight. In addition, the containment brackets ¾ load gate ensures quiet and efficient arrow loading that does not interfere with your sight like a top load design. The integrated gravity feed design of the V feature of the containment bracket ensures your arrow is properly positioned on the launcher to lift the arrow into position for a quiet and accurate shot. To make setup easy and fast, the Hybrid Hunter Pro comes standard with the Universal Limb Clamp Assembly that can be adjusted to put the patented in-line dampening coil under the exact tension for optimum performance. The cord itself is a heavy duty no-stretch material unlike so many other nylon based materials and is positioned on the limb with a universal rubber non slip limb pad.

The Hybrid Hunter Pro has been designed to integrate world proven tournament accuracy design elements into a bowhunter specific arrow rest. Hence the name “hybrid”. No longer do bowhunters have to compromise their accuracy for huntability. This is a first of its kind in the world of bowhunting and you can only find it in the Hybrid Hunter Pro™ by Hamskea Archery Solutions.

This rest is built like a panzer tank, but will perform like a fine Swiss watch.

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Weight: 5oz

Type: Limb Driven

Micro Adjust: No

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Customer Reviews

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Seems solid. This one has the spring and not the updated dampener. I’m using a pursik knot and it lets you adjust tension if need be.

Mark Sommer
Initial Thoughts

A recent purchase and have only shot a few times, so this is not a long term viewpoint. It was medium easy to set up. However, I did have a few issues. One is that the launcher arm did not have enough pressure to stay all the way up without an arrow on it, and with an arrow on it, it sagged further. This was before I even tied it off to my limb. After a fair amount of internet research, I found out how I could adjust the internal spring to provide more tension to raise the launcher arm. It was an easy fix, once I found out the right information. But it took a little time because there is an internal spring for the launcher arm, and an external spring that is used to tie the rope to the limb to, so when internet research said to adjust the spring tension it was confusing until I put two and two together. I guess the point I am trying to make, is that Hamskea should have had that information in their installation instructions instead of me having to go look for it on the internet and being confused. I actually called Hamskea to verify I adjusted things correctly and provided them with constructive criticism that they need to include that in their installation instructions. They told me they have mostly been catering to the pro shops, and they have trained the pro shops on all these matters, but as they plan to sell more directly to consumers, the guy agreed they need to work on their written instructions as well as online videos on their website. the instructions on how to do that in their installation guide. He said they have also been setting the tension higher at the factory as they were hearing from folks that the tension was on the light side, so I probably bought one that was before they started increasing the tension.

I can't really comment on whether I like it or not as I have not shot it more than ten times yet. I have a little bit of an elbow issue right now, so will be a few weeks to a month before I can shoot in earnest. So far, initial impressions are good. Solid constructed piece of equipment that contains arrow and as you draw there is no way the arrow will end up anywhere other than on the center of the launcher arm.