Wiser Precision PH-170 NightHawk Ultralight Pan Head

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The PH-170 NightHawk Ultralight Pan Head is the perfect choice for hunters looking to stabilize their optics while saving weight. When you get your optics stable you are guaranteed to spot more animals. The NightHawk Pan Head pairs perfectly with our Quick-StiX System or any standard tripod to get your optics stable without the huge weight penalty.


  • Made in the USA!
  • 6oz!!!!
  • 3/8-16 mounting threads to attach to any standard tripod base
  • Independent control of pan and tilt axes
  • Axis seals to keep grease in and moisture and dirt out!
  • Arca-Swiss compatible base and plate included.
  • Ultralight carbon fiber handle with ergonomic foam grip
  • Anodized aluminum and stainless construction

Weighing in as little as 4.9oz (Lightest configuration w/o Carbon Handle) the NightHawk is an easy way to shave meaningful weight from your pack without sacrificing stability.

Having a smooth head not only makes for a more enjoyable glassing session, but a more effective one as well! Without the jerky action of cheaper heads, the Nighhawk allows you to grid out a hillside with more efficiency and less fatigue.

Machined right here in the USA out of billet aluminum and stainless steel. The premium materials and black anodized finish provide excellent resistance to wear and the environments.

Precise control over each axis allows you to effectively grid out a hillside making sure you cover every inch! You can set the tension for the tilt and pan axis independently to achieve the perfect tension for your optics.

Weight 4.9oz (139g) / 6.1oz (173g)
Length 7 in
Width 3 in
Height 3 in

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic ultralight ARCA swiss head

I had been looking for something lighter than my va5 head, but that had similar performance. This is it. I haven't hunted with it, but have played with it for a few hours with Swaro 10x42 NL & kowa 554 & 883 spotters. It definitely prefers the the smaller 55 size, but did just fine with the 88 &I wouldn't hesitate to use it with 88 sized spotters.

You'll see reviews and that mention there is movement when panning and letting go. I will confirm mine does that also, but if you tighten the pan adjustment there's a sweet spot that makes the annoying movement go away, and it's still easy to pan smoothly.

Is it as smooth as the va5, no, it isn't. But I will be taking this head instead of the va5 if I'm backpacking in, no question about it. I'm very happy with this head and would buy it again in a heartbeat if anything happened to this one.

Also I've used s&s a few times now and they are a fantastic seller. Shipping has always been quick. Anytime I have questions, they reply very promptly and work with me to figure out my issue. Can't recommend them enough!