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Leofoto BC-03 Binocular Adapter

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Leofoto BC-03 Hands Free Modular Binoculars Adapter for Tripod Mount Arca Compatible

We finally found a binocular adapter with all the features we want that doesn't break the bank! 

The rapid-release BC-03 Binocular Tripod Adapter allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection between your binoculars and your tripod. The adapter fits binoculars with a 1/4"-20 tripod mounting socket (press the safety lock to disengage the stud), and can be mounted on a tripod or light stand via 1/4"-20 socket or an Arca-type dovetail.

Includes Binocular adapter mount and S1 universal stud that fits binos with a 1/4" 20 receiver in the center hinge

Binocular adapter 
Tripod Mount Arca Compatible
For diameter: General
Weight: 79g / 2.79 ounces
Dovetail: Arca standard

Leofoto S1 Stud for BC-3 Binoculars Adapter

Width: 19mm / 0.75 inches
Height: 29mm / 1.14 inches
Weight: 5g / 0.18 ounces

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So I’ll bite since there were no reviews. This thing is awesome!! Light weight, well built, and pretty damn simple. Mocks up great with my VA-5 head and 634 tripod. Been glassing deer and can’t wait to try it out west. Also….I called Rob and of course he answers ALL my questions. Going to buy an adapter so I can run both Binos. As always, S&S kicks ass with free and fast shipping!