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Carter Like Mike 2 Archery Release

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Carter Like Mike II Archery Release

The Like Mike II features some changes and improvements over the original Like Mike. The 1st feature that you will notice is the change in tension adjustment. Instead of the need for the longer case handle and adjustment from the rear of the Like Mike, the Like Mike II features the tension adjustment screw on the side of the case. This provides easier access for tension adjustment and a shorter case length. The tension range is still widely adjustable from approximately 10 oz. to approximately 3.5 pounds. If you desire an even heavier trigger, simply insert the supplied steel ball and your tension could rise as high as 11 pounds of trigger tension.

The next feature and change in the Like Mike II is the implementation of Carter’s new Controlled Engagement System. Like our new thumb trigger design, The Controlled Engagement System negates the need for a trigger travel adjustment screw as the sear engagement is controlled internally by design and tolerance. This provides our world famous no movement triggers without the ability or need to adjust trigger travel. Tension adjustment is a separate adjustment giving you a no movement trigger with the weight range you desire.

Comes with B3 Strap

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Trigger Type: Index Finger


Made in Idaho



Customer Reviews

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Greg Parker

High quality

Perfect Release

I’ve spent a couple thousand dollars to try out numerous releases and this one is the ticket. The trigger is phenomenal and my confidence has never been higher. The trigger feels more like a rifle trigger and you can set it to your liking to allow you to continue to build up pressure shooting back tension until you get the perfect surprise release. Would buy again 10X over.

Josh Kirchner
Very effective release

Really impressed with the Carter Like Mike II. The web connect allows the shooter to really get that release close to the wrist which then gives them the ability to get a nice full hook over the trigger. Solid construction as well. Stoked!

Brian H
Like Mike 2

The Like Mike 2 is the best index release I've ever used. Very well built and the set back trigger position allows you to shoot with back tension.

I have two!

Great index release for those archers trying to utilize back tension. I love that you can set the trigger to a fairly high poundage, dig in, and pull through the shot. This release has changed the way I shoot. Well worth the $$