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Spot Hogg Tuff Guy Archery Release

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Spot Hogg Tuff Guy Archery Release 

 In answer to hunter's demand for a high quality closed jaw wrist strap release, Spot Hogg has released the new for 2020 Tuff Guy Archery Release. The Spot Hogg Tuff Guy Archery Release is one of the best closed jaw wrist strap release available. The micro adjust trigger tension has a new wider range that allows you to set the perfect tension for your needs from feather light to rather heavy, but not lose that crisp, clean torque free shot. With the forward trigger design and micro adjust rigid bar length the Spot Hogg Tuff Guy is a great for hunters wanting a closed jaw wrist strap release. 

  • Single closed jaw wrist strap release
  • Spot-Hogg durability
  • Buckle or Boa wrist strap with micro adjust rigid bar
  • Folds back out of the way
  • Adjustable trigger tension
  • No creep, no travel

The Tuff Guy release features a single, closed jaw that fully captures and secures the release to the string loop. Like all Spot-Hogg releases, the trigger promotes better accuracy due to its zero creep, no travel, design.

The Tuff Guy's trigger tension is fully adjustable and will satisfy both light and heavy trigger fans. The adjustable length, rigid connection fits a wide variety of hand sizes and allows the release to securely lock back out of the way when not in use. 

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Customer Reviews

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James McIntosh
Awesome release!!

Absolutely love this release!! Was a little disappointed with it out of the box at the price point but after I adjusted the trigger, I couldn’t be more happy!! Spend the extra money on the BOA strap! I cannot say enough about S&S Archery. This was my first experience with them and I’ll definitely be a repeat customer! They shipped my order out the same day I bought it and followed up with emails asking if I had any questions about the release! What a great company, you just don’t see that anymore. S&S has made a customer for life!


Awesome release

terry mcelrea
Tough Guy

The only complaint I have is the wrist strap is very short. I’m on the last hole and my wrists aren’t all that big.

Dave Edwards
Smooth, adjustable release

Likes: 1.) Can adjust the trigger pull to a heavier pull that my Wiseguy. I like being able to dial-in the heavier pull for hunting. 2.) Being able to fold back the release. 3.) The BOA dial and tightening the strap. 4.) Accuracy when shooting. 5.) The feel of the strap on my wrist. 6.) Overall adjustment length of the release.

Dislikes: 1.) The noise of dialing the BOA to tighten the strap. 2.) The audible click when locking the release onto the D-loop. 3.) Only one side of the release moves and opens up. For my eyes without reading glasses, it isn't easy to attach. I have to feel for the D-Loop and the release at the same time to attach the release. Early morning, low light conditions don't help. Previous releases that I've had from other manufacturers that had both halves opening are easier and quicker for me to attach without having to look at the release and D-loop.

Conclusion: I listed dislikes above, but the release is comfortable and being able to adjust both the trigger pull to my liking and the strap tension using the BOA is a win-win for accuracy. It fits properly and is a winner. I would buy another.

Happy Customer

Been using this release about 2 months now and am very happy. Its well built and his a nice crisp trigger break.