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Spot Hogg Keeton Archery Release

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Spot Hogg Keeton Release

The unique design of the KEETON release seamlessly blends two styles of releases into one. A wrist strap, index trigger style at heart, the integrated grip allows the archers to draw and shoot using more than just the shoulder to handle the weight. When the release length is adjusted properly, the archer can distribute the weight evenly between the grip, wrist, arm and shoulder. At full draw the grip pivots, quickly aligning the finger with the trigger. Decreased fatigue and better stability provide better accuracy and more enjoyable shooting.

• Pull more pounds
• Hold at full draw longer
• Longer shooting sessions
• Hold steadier
• Prevent injuries
• Helps archers with pre-existing injuries shoot again.

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Customer Reviews

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John Jimerson
Spot Hogg Keeton

After a complete AC joint separation in my shoulder I was forced to make some changes with my Archery equipment. First I went from 70# limbs down to 60# limbs which didn’t quite do the trick. My second move was to buy the Spot Hogg Keeton which took some time to get used to, but was a game changer. The middle finger release drove me crazy initially, but I got used to it and it ended up giving me a more controlled release. The release also allows the use of my entire arm to draw back Instead of relying on just my shoulder. This release might not be for everyone, but for someone who has shoulder issues it allowed me to continue in the sport.

Michael S
Spot Hogg Keeton

This release is the ticket if you like the versatility of using your middle finger or your index finger. The tigger is good and clean . This release makes your bow so much easier to draw. Spot Hogg was right on with this one!

Leonard Lewis

I liked the look and the feel of this release and the trigger action was good. The deal breaker was the location of the trigger and the finger I had to use. It was my middle finger was kind of uncomfortable and odd to me. Went and bought a different release

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Excellent quality

Excllent quality, great customer service and speedy delivery. I will be a return customer!