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Carter Convertible Archery Release

Carter Convertible Archery Release

The all new Carter Convertible gives you the keys to
multiple trigger fingers with one trigger release. This unique shape lets
you shoot with either a 2 or a 3 finger handle thumb activation or with a
simple 180 degree flip of the release and flip of the thumb knob it can be
shot with a third finger activation. Shooting the Convertible as a third
finger trigger release can help when you get “Punchy” with the thumb trigger.
The Carter Convertible has an innovative auto closing jaw with the easy press of
the cocking lever. The Convertible has a removable variable position
Adjusto Trigger that doubles as either a pulling peg or a thumb trigger.

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Trigger Type: Thumb 


Made in Idaho

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cuppa Joe
I ended up...

Returning this for a couple reasons. First, I have really big hands so the fit for me was a little uncomfortable. I used the ring finger configuration. I did not use thumb actuation because I have struggled with target panic in the past. Second was the force needed to cock the device. I was able to use my firing hand only, but it was difficult. Maybe with practice and after some break in it would be better. Build quality was very good and I had no complaint with the instructions.

Dwight Schock
Good released

A typical well engineered and ergonomically crafted Carter release. The convertible option is innovative and user friendly. I’m giving the release 4 stars because this Carter release is missing their trigger tension adjustment. The trigger travel is fully adjustable; however, when the trigger travel is at its least the release is too hot for my liking.

S&S Archery’s customer service is top shelf.

Brian Edmond
Carter Convertible

Great product! Drawing the bow is a little awkward at first when using the third finger firing method but you get used to it and shooting is a pleasure. The real reason for my review however is to compliment Rob and his customer service. Top Notch!!!! I highly recommend S & S Archery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Levi Miller
Carter convertible

Awesome release!! I purchased because I really liked the idea of the 3rd finger trigger and it's fantastic. The only thing I'd change is make the cocking mechanism a push button because it's a little awkward to cock when set up for the 3rd finger trigger. S&S were the 1st I seen that had this release available and shipped very fast!!!

Jeff Coleman
Better than advertised

The Carter convertible is one sweet release! Right out of the package the trigger is crisp and clean. love the option to shoot it as third finger . Very happy with my purchase. S&S archery above and beyond great transaction.