Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double Pin

Fast Eddie XL Double Pin

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

It’s been a couple years since we took a good hard look at one of our best selling bow sights, the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL. New bows are arriving and it’s time to make changes to our gear, so it's a perfect time to take another look!

Spot Hogg Logo

Spot Hogg History

I want to talk about Spot Hogg to give you some background. Spot Hogg is known for ONE thing that holds as true now as it did 30 years ago when they started. They make "The world’s toughest archery products". They are also one of my favorite companies. American made gear may seem rare these days, but that’s exactly what you get with Spot Hogg. When you call, you’re talking to a Spot Hogg tech, who likely has years of experience with the company. And as you might expect, every Spot Hogg sight you purchase at S&S Archery has a lifetime warranty.

Fast Eddie XL History

The Fast Eddie came out in 2015 when Spot Hogg answered customers requests for a lighter and quieter version of their Tommy Hogg or Hogg Father. Weighing in under 12 oz and having a silent lock made the original Fast Eddie very popular. It was also much more affordable. The only downside to the Fast Eddie was that it had limited mounting positions. So in 2016 Spot Hogg added the 6” dovetail and called it the Fast Eddie XL.

Fast Eddie XL Flavors

Fast Eddie Pin Options

Single or Double?

Both the Fast Eddie and the Fast Eddie XL are available in a vertical Single Pin or Double Pin scope with the Triple Ring system. These scopes mount on a universal scope rod (¼” 28). This allows the Fast Eddie and XL to accept any universal mounted scope.

Multi Pin

If you like a multi pin sight, you can go with the new MRT housing that comes with 3, 5 or 7 pins. The 3 and 5 pin housings include a single ring, a small internal diameter triple ring, and a large internal diameter triple ring. The 7 pin only comes with the single ring, and the large internal diameter triple ring. I think it would be tough to fit 7 pins inside that smaller ring. The MRT housings feature micro adjust pins and a very cool tetris shaped mount that allows you to macro adjust your windage. This gets your housing orientation close, and lets you rely on the Fast Eddie’s tooless micro windage adjustment to get you dead on.

Fast Eddie XL DP scope housing


  • Silent click free adjustments - The Hogg Father and Tommy Hogg make an audible click when locking and unlocking the yardage adjustment via the micro yardage knob. The Fast Eddie sights have a simple lever to lock the yardage, and do not have the micro yardage knob.
  • Micro adjust pins -Some love it, and some hate it. Loosen one pin and tighten another, that’s how the micro pins work. Regardless, it works, its quiet, and stays in place.
  • Micro 2nd and 3rd axis - easily make measured changes to the 2nd and 3rd axis
  • Some tooless adjustment - a long lever loosens the top of the 3rd axis adapter allowing you to make horizontal click micro windage adjustments without a wrench.
  • Rackstop - the rackstop lets you set your yardage adjustment zero on the rack itself. So if its dark, or if your sight tape somehow comes off, you’ll still be able to set your sight to zero, and use the fixed pins, or the known single pin location.
  • 6” dovetail on the Fast Eddie XL that comes with set screw or thumb screw for quick detach.

Things I don’t love:

There is a lot to love about the Fast Eddie XL, especially the Double Pin with Triple Ring system (or MRT). But first i want to go over a few things that I don’t love.

Fast Eddie XL Gearing

Over Exposure

First and foremost is the exposed gearing on the yardage adjustment. If anyone has the kind of luck I do, the smallest piece of bark or rock would get stuck there when i need to make a quick adjustment. The gearing is very smooth and do I know this exposure adds to the the overall weight savings of this sight compared to other Spot Hogg sights.

Low Profile Yardage knob

Smooth move

Next is the low profile yardage knob. This is a love-hate issue for me. I love that its tucked in and won't get caught on anything when i am busting brush, but I hate not being able to make one fluid smooth movement when i make a yardage adjustment. The low profile knob makes it easy for my knuckles to hit the gearing up front. But if I make small incremental adjustments it works just fine.

Shave some weight

My last complaint is the weight. In comparison to the Hogg Father it does shave a little weight. But at 14.4 oz it's heavier than other sights in this same class. And having the XL’s dovetail that allows you to push that weight out farther, only magnifies this. Weight is the price you pay sometimes for extreme durability, and some could argue that having the extra weight does act as a stabilizer. None of these complaints are deal breakers by any means, but definitely things to be considered.

Here is what i love:


Spot Hogg is well known for its durability, and the Fast Eddie is no exception. When you get this sight in your hands, you feel as though you could drive over it with a truck! Its that solid. ***S&S Archery will not be held responsible if you drive over your Spot Hogg with a truck. This could do real damage to your truck.***

LoPro Yardage

The low profile yardage adjustment is on my “don’t love” list. But here it is on my “what i love” list. I do love that it's out of the way, and not collecting snags when I'm crawling through thick brush.

Sight Picture

MRT housing (multi ring technology)

Having a huge yellow and orange stop sign sticking out in front of your bow takes some getting used to. But once you do, it's a lifesaver. Not only does the Multi Ring Technology, or MRT, make it quick and easy to center your housing inside your peep, but it is easy in any light situation. In bright sunlight when your peep is crisp you can center on the inner ring, and when the ambient light is low, you can center your peep on the outside rings.

Double Pin Single Ring

Double Pin

Second chances are rare. Even more rare is a second chance opportunity that you are prepared for. That is what the Double Pin gives you, a second chance. The double pin is a single up pin with a 2nd fiber half way up the pin. The original idea is attributed to Cameron Hanes who used a single pin Hogg Father, but then added a dab of nail polish half way up his pin to give himself a second aiming point. Turns out that this second pin is about 15 yards past the top pin. And if luck is with you, that 15 yards the distance that your buck of a lifetime will stop and turn around to look at you. Giving you that 2nd chance shot.

double pointer

Double Pin Pointer

Last year Spot Hogg added a double pointer to double pin sights. This includes the Fast Eddie, XL, Tommy and Hogg Father. Having a second pointer allows you to look at the sight tape and know the exact yardage for both your top and bottom pins with the double pin housing. This stays correct no matter where you are on your sight tape.

Rack Stop

Lastly, the rack stop. We all know the weakest link on any bow sight is the sight tape. It's great when it's there and makes the bow almost useless when its not. Especially on a single pin. Placing the Rackstop near the bottom of your rack will allow you to create a default position. This is a known position that you can quickly turn the yardage knob to in the dark, or in case your sight tape falls off. This puts your housing in its known default position allowing you to use your double pin or multi pins without looking at the tape.


The Fast Eddie XL double pin sight is without a doubt one of the best hunting bow sights on the market. It has changed a bit over the years, certainly its functionality and durability, but its price has not changed much. If you are shopping for a bow sight for your hunting rig, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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