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Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double Pin

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Check out the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double Pin – it's a game-changer for bow hunters and one of our top sellers. Now, it comes with the Spot Hogg Quick Disconnect 3rd Axis Adapter, giving you extra windage adjustments and making sure it's a perfect fit even with your inline mount like the Mathews Bridge Lock.

So, why should you gear up with the Fast Eddie XL Double Pin? It's all about hitting your mark with precision. The trick for most bow hunters is lining up the peep with the sight housing, right? But lighting can mess with your aim, making your peep sight fuzzy or blurry, especially in low light – think early mornings or late evenings in the field, or even indoors.

That's where the Fast Eddie XL shines. Its triple ring feature steps up when your peep sight doesn't cut it, offering a bigger ring to align with your sight housing. This means even when light isn't on your side, you've got a clear shot. It's a straightforward solution for boosting your accuracy, making sure you're on target when it matters most.

  • Comes with the single alignment ring and the triple alignment ring
  • Silent Click free adjustments
  • New Rack stop
  • Rugged Lightweight 6" dovetail mount
  • Micro adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis
  • Coarse Horizontal and Vertical adjustments
  • Tool-less adjustment
  • HRD Technology; No bushings, No slop, No buzz!
  • Spreads out Sight Marks
  • Large easy to sue Yardage Knob
  • Solid 6061 Aluminum Constructions


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Type: Slider

Weight: 14.6oz

Housing Size: MRT (Multiple Ring Technology) Included

Number of Pins: 2

Pin Size: .010 .019 or .029

V3X Compatible and includes NEW 3rd axis adapter for more windage!

Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Brandon Valko
Outstanding customer service

First off the customer service at S&S are second to none. This sight is perfect for me. I wanted a sight with a clear sight picture without have a bunch of pins in the way. Wasn’t sure about the double stack or single pin( I was shooting a 3 pin mover before this spot hogg). I like having the second aim point in one clean sight picture. It gives you a quick aim point if and when you need it. Shoot straight and be safe.

Clifford Smith

Awesome sight and service

jorge sanchez

Love it and excellent service

Erik Larson
Excellent sight, excellent service!

Love this sight! As always, excellent service from S&S!

Maxwell H.
Great sight and an even better place to get it

The sight is awesome I think everyone agrees about that. I'm doing this to say that S&S is great! Not only did they have what I was looking for that almost no one else did, but it shipped the same day. Next time I need something for my bow this will be my first stop.