Rob's 2022 V3X 33 Bow Hunting Build

July 29, 2022 3 min read

robs 2022 v3x bow hunting build

Thought I would do a quick rundown of my new setup for 2022. Right out of the gate let me just say that this is my favorite hunting bow to date. Lets dig in!

The bow I’m shooting this year is the new Mathews V3X 33. I am not one to purchase a new bow every year, but was intrigued with this new design. The new bow offers the Bridge Lock riser, that allows you to mount most dovetail sights through the riser. This helps reduce the amount of hand torque required to balance the bow. But also allows my quiver to be much closer to the riser, almost inside the pocket. I got really lucky with this bow. I just happened to walk into my local bow shop on the same day they got a shipment in. The granite riser and black limbs color combo was a no brainer!

This sight is hands down my all time favorite sight.  Its a Black Gold Pro Hunter that we have Black Gold build for us to our specs. Our favorite pin setup is all green pins with 1 yellow pin in the middle. We also have .019 pins on top and .010 pins on the bottom for those longer distance shots. The pro hunter has amazing pins, they have a rounded pin head, and tapered throat, so they cover very little of the target. This is perfect for those long distance shots.  We also add the 4” dovetail in place of the wing truss to save on cost and add V3X compatibility. If you look closely you can also see that the dovetail is short enough to stay out of the way of my quiver mount. With this sight and its super accurate setup my new favorite distance at the range is 80 yards.

The Tightspot is the only quiver we use. I like the tried and true Tightspot 5 arrow quiver that holds all my arrows in place no matter what the conditions. The adjustability is key to keeping the bow balanced, and mounting to the V3X allows my to mount the quiver almost INSIDE the pocket of the bow.  Talk about tight! Its even closer than the Mathews Low Pro quivers. And the new Granite color for this year matches perfectly to my V3X.

This year I am trying the Epsilon rest from Hamskea. I have used the Hamskea Trinity for years, and love its bombproof design and consistent performance.  The epsilon promises the same in a smaller package.  Add to that the new Mathews mount, and I have been very impressed. This rest went on my bow with minimal adjustment and has performed flawlessly to this point. Make sure you add the felt to the launcher to keep the noise down. And you will have to re-tighten the cable occasionally as it takes quite a few shots to get it properly through the new dampener.

Like most archers, my release has been through one evolution after another. I started with an index finger release, then switched to the Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper. After seeing an increase in consistency with my new found thumb release anchor point, I invested in a Carter Wise Choice. I loved the feel of the Carter, but found that i didn’t need the index finger loop. So from there I went with the Too Simple. Same great function and feel of the Wise Choice, but with a shorter neck and no finger loop.  Who couldn’t use a bit more draw length anyway?

My arrow setup is also new this year. I went from the FMJ 4mm to the 5mm in an effort to get a little bit more weight. A co-worker had a couple dozen match grades for sale, so i snatched 'em up. All in, my arrow weight is right at 500gn and i shoot 100gn Solid Broadheads that I have had for years. 


Well that pretty much sums it up. Like I said, this has an awesome setup and inspires confidence each time I shoot. My long range groups seem to get tighter every week and I'm looking forward to September!

If you have any questions on my setup or any of this gear, please give us a call!


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