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Carter Wise Choice Archery Release

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Carter Wise Choice Archery Release

The Carter Wise Choice is obviously a wise choice.  This release also has an index finger hole to assist with consistent finger placement and adds the security of an enclosed jaw for peace of mind. The Wise Choice features an auto-closing jaw for quick and easy D loop attachment. The simple set screw tension adjustment system give you the most precise and simple trigger tension adjustability. Carter is adding a removable lanyard system to give the bow hunter the option of clipping the release on the D loop or keeping the Wise Choice on your wrist. Available in both a 3 finger and 4 finger fit.

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Trigger Type: Thumb

Weight: 6oz

Made in Idaho

Customer Reviews

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WARNING! Check your clearance!

OK I purchased this Wise Choice release here and took to shooting it for about 3 weeks or so. Maybe 200-300 shots thru it. Then the day came I pulled back on my 70# bow and just before letdown, this release let go! WOW what a painful mouthful. The premature release caused my bow strings/cables to pop off cams, the FMJ 5mm arrow shaft snapped in half with it ejecting into my left arm and then into canopy wall next to me. The after accident investigation showed that the release had not tripped but the "tooth" on this release could actually move upward under pressure. I measured a gap of >0.025" with feeler gauge. I find that I can take new #24 BCY D loop material, tied to a C-Clamp, and have this release pop free 2 out of 3 attempts when a load is applied to it. I called Carter Enterprises and was told that likely there was a mismatch of parts/pins on assembly as this type of gap should not be there. They also said it likely occurred after shooting it for a while, which I confirmed.
So the check for everyone here, is to take a small eyeglass flat blade screw driver and see if you can raise the "tooth" on this release when its is locked in place. If that movement is anymore than 0.10, I would not use it until it is inspected.

Jesse Ochoa
Killer customer service!

Ordered the wise choice well because .. it’s a wise choice ! . Carter products have always been awesome . The customer service from the guys at S&S archery was top notch, super fast shipping !

Excellent, easy buy!

Awesome release very nice, high quality.

Noah Carter
The Wise Choice

As far as the release goes i had used a buddies and fell in love, it is an excellent release, super comfortable and very well made.

Now unto S&S Archery, this was the first order i had ever placed with S&S i was not disappointed. S&S shipped right away. Item arrived just a few days later packaged well. I can honestly say if i am in need of any other archery supplies S&S Archery will be the first place i look.
God Bless,
Noah Carter

Adam Brandt
Wise Choice Release

Very happy with it.