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TightSpot Rise - A Whitetail Hunter's Quiver

March 14, 2019 3 min read

tightspot rise hook

Don't Treestand hunters need a quality quiver?

Tightspot has a new, high quality quiver out for 2019 aimed at treestand bow hunters. And why not? Don't treestand hunters need a good quality quiver? Tightspot is well known to western hunters as being the best quiver to keep arrows when attached to your bow.

Tightspot Rise

I think a lot of whitetail hunters would look past a quality quiver, but here is why I think the new TightSpot Rise should be on their list.

Tightspot Rise

Attach it to your bow

Why put a Tightspot Rise quiver on your bow? And why is it the best whitetail hunting quiver on the market? Two reasons, arrow holding and adjustability. The Tightspot is simply the best arrow holding quiver on the market. It has proprietary arrow grippers that you will not find on any other quiver. It will even hold those 4mm micro diameter arrows tight that seem to escape every other quiver. tight to your bowYou can also use your Tightspot Rise as a stabilizer and vibration dampener simply by adjusting the way the quiver is mounted to your bow. My personal setup involves moving the hood up a bit higher and leaning it forward a couple inches towards the front of the bow. This aids in balancing my bow during the shot. Most quivers force you to use other balancing measures to compensate for your quiver. But the Tightspot Rise whitetail quiver mounts so tightly to your bow, that it virtually eliminates any need to torque your bow with your hand. Other quivers add weight to one side of your bow in a way that requires you to compensate by applying hand torque or some other counter measure.

Treestand Features

tightspot rise hook The new Rise is full of features aimed at the whitetail bowhunter. The most obvious is the addition of a hanger. A simple hook on the hood of the quiver is great for hanging your quiver once your get to your treestand. Doing a quick search i was unable to find another quiver that has this feature. How is that possible? I’m sure there are quivers out there with a hook, but why it’s not more popular is beyond me. Not a fan of using a hook? How about the tree stand bracket? This optional mount screws into your tree and mounts to the back side of your quiver allowing you to hang your quiver in a solid fixed position. The shorter over all length of the Rise is perfect for those shorter ATA bows, and keeps the quiver from getting hung up on more thick brush than a longer quiver. If you have limited room on your tree stand, the Rise is perfect for your setup.

tightspot secondary gripper

Secondary Gripper

What is the secondary gripper? This gripper is attached to the carbon rods near the hood and allows the you to secure your arrows in two places. This leaves the tip of the arrows covered inside the hood. The broadheads can float in the hood without touching anything which ensures sharp fixed blade heads and keeps expandables from letting go inside the quiver.

Camo Flavors

One of the things I love about Tightspot quivers are the huge number of camo options. The Tightspot Rise is no exception. It will be offered in Lost XD, Realtree Edge, Optifade Sub Alpine, Optifade Elevated II, Kuiu Verde 2.0, and Matte Black.

black tightspot rise


The Tightspot is no question the best quiver on the market for any bowhunter. The Tightspot Rise adds the secondary gripper making it more expensive than the standard Tightspot quiver. This could make it priced out of reach for most budget minded bowhunters. The Rise is however perfect for bow hunters who benefit from leaving their quiver on their bow when shooting or who want the ultimate arrow holding quiver. Because even tree stand hunters need a quality quiver.

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