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Pro Hunter HD Wing Truss

Black Gold Pro Hunter HD Review

The new Black Gold Pro Hunter HD Sight has us very excited..Why? It’s simple, pin point accuracy.


As with most skills that take time and patience to acquire, backcountry archery hunting, requires confidence. Confidence in your gear is obviously important as a backcountry hunter, but confidence in your shooting skill is a key trait among the best archery hunters in the world.

Pro Hunter Pins


I bring this up because the first time you look at the new Black Gold Pro Hunter HD pins, you’ll immediately recognize the pinpoint accuracy this sight is capable of. The sight picture is SO clean. The pinhead is rounded off at the end and has a narrower tapered throat. Unlike most sights that have a blocky square pinhead, the Black Gold Pro Hunter HD Pins give you the cleanest sight picture you can get from a multi pin hunting sight. The .019 pins are bright enough to see in any legal hunting light, yet PRECISE in normal light, especially when shooting smaller targets at distance. The Pro Hunter HD will give you confidence when shooting those smaller targets at distance with these ultra precise pins.

Pro Pins

Black Gold has these new style pins currently on its “Pro” sight. But these same Pro Pins are now available on this Pro Hunter HD sight geared specifically for hunters without the complexity and cost of micro gang and micro pin adjustment.

Pro Hunter HD with X-Frame


Here are the highlights of this new for 2021 Pro Hunter HD archery sight.
  • Pro Pins allow for a more precise aiming point
  • Micro 1st Axis
  • 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability
  • PhotoChromic shell keeps the pins from washing out or blurring in bright sunlight yet gives the pins enough brightness to be easily visible in legal hunting light.
  • Newly designed windage and elevation bars are beefier and offer a slight increase in adjustability.
  • Available with the Pro X Frame or ultra light Wing Truss.
  • 3 pins or 5 pins.

Micro 1st Axis

What is the micro 1st axis? And why do I need it? Micro 1st axis adjustment is simply a way to level your sight to your bow. Having the ability to adjust the tilt with a set screw saves time and adds strength to this setting. Without the micro 1st axis adjustment the sight can move slightly out of level when tightened down. The micro 1st axis post keeps it in place while tightening and ensures the sight will stay level.

2nd Axis

Once your sight is level to the bow, it's important to make sure the 2nd axis bubble is level too. That is easy with Black Gold's adjustable sight ring. Just loosen the ring, and twist to make sure the bubble shows level.

3rd Axis

Third axis is very important and included on all Black Gold Pro Hunter HDs. If you take a shot past 40 yards up or down hill when your 3rd axis is off, your shot could be 4 inches or more off to the left or right. 3rd axis adjustability is crucial if you’re a western style hunter, or shoot in some of the advanced 3d shoots.

Photocroma.. what?

Black Gold includes their exclusive photochromatic shell. This shell holds the fiber optics and will turn a dark purple in bright sunlight dimming the pins and keeping them from getting too bright or washing out.


Backcountry Approved

Newly designed tougher, the windage and yardage bars are more burly on the Pro Hunter HD giving you the confidence to trust that this bowsight is Backcountry worthy and will not fail you in the moment of truth. Speaking from years of experience hunting the backcountry with Black Gold sights, I have never been let down. And this improvement only highlights Black Gold's commitment to durability.
Pro Hunter HD with Wing Truss

Pro Hunter HD Models

The Black Gold Pro Hunter HD will be available in stock form with 3 pins, or 5 pins, and either the X Frame fixed base, or the stunning 4” Wing Truss.
Pro Hunter HD with X-Frame front view

Our New Favorite Hunting Sight

You have been asking for a Verdict with the Pro Pins for a while now, so have we, and Black Gold answered with something even better. It's a durable, lightweight, and above all, accurate solution. We’re so impressed with this sight, that it will be the basis for our S&S Custom Built Pro Hunter. We're calling it the Backcountry Pro Hunter.


Have it your way

As with most sights in our store you can customize this new Pro Hunter HD with any base you want, and with what ever pin size and color you prefer using our Custom Build Page.

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