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Swarovski EL Range TA -First Look

Swarovski EL Range TA -First Look


Here's a situation that we've all been in. You turn up a buck bedded across the canyon. You spend all morning getting over to him, but when you get close you're not sure which tree he's under. How many times have you looked back across the canyon wishing you could get some help locating that buck? The new rangefinding binoculars from Swarovski will tell you exactly where that buck is! Simply range back to your original position, and the binos will tell you how far to go right/left and forward/back. This is the kind of measurable advantage that helps justify the high cost of new gear.

The EL Range TA Binoculars is the latest game changing binoculars from Swarovski. With upgraded optics and improved electronics, the EL Range TA will now be the new standard in Rangefinding Binoculars. And yes, the button is now on the right side! Swarovski EL Range TA

Improved Optics

Optical improvements for the new EL Range TA include Swarovision, 90% light transmission, better resolution and a wider field of view. But that's just the beginning! On the electrical side, the new EL Range TA collects more data with each range. The max distance is improved to 10-2000m with a +/- 1 yard out to 1500m. Also added is the angle, air pressure, temperature and direction using the new electronic compass.

Tracking Assistant

The EL Range TA comes with a tracking assistant! With a smartphone you can see your last 3 ranges to include direction, angle, and range. You also have the ability to store 3 different profiles in the Swaro App. If you hunt with a bow and 2 different rifles, you can get the data you need right in the binocular readout that applies to your current tackle. Without a smartphone you can use the EL Range TA to range back at anytime during your stalk or recovery to see what direction and distance you need to travel to your last targeted range. This latest tech can be a game changer when stalking or finding a down animal.


EL Range on the UTA

The EL Range TA is available in 10x or 8x and is tripod mountable with the Swarovski UTA bino adapter.

Forehead Rest

To stabilize your off hand ranges, the EL Range TA has an available forehead rest similar to the NL Pure.

We feel like the EL Range TA is simply be the best rangefinding binocular available on the market. But as always, you can expect an honest detailed review once we get some field time with them.

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