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TightSpot Quiver Lite 5 Arrow

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The Tightspot Quiver Lite is the ultimate hunting quiver for serious hunters. The Tightspot Quiver is designed to be the best hunting quiver on the market, with every detail crafted to provide maximum efficiency for the bowhunter.

One of the key features of the Tightspot Quiver is its ability to grip arrows tight, reducing torque, and being bomb-proof. This makes it the perfect quiver for hunters who shoot with a quiver attached. Its unique design allows you to mount it against the riser, minimizing the amount of torque your grip has to apply to balance the bow with a full quiver. The quiver is also adjustable, allowing you to move it forward or back, up or down, to help with balance and vibration.

The Tightspot Quiver is a 5-arrow quiver that is designed to solve many of the inherent problems with today's quivers. Its innovative design brings the quiver as close as possible to the riser, drastically reducing torque and increasing accuracy. Additionally, the quiver features a built-in rubber hood insert that helps absorb vibration and keeps your broadheads sharp, as they don't have to slide in and out of foam.

Another great feature of the Tightspot Quiver is its adjustable arrow gripper. This allows you to customize the "fit" of your arrows, making it perfect for archers using skinny shafts. The quiver is also vertically adjustable, so you can customize its location and balance.

If you are a serious hunter looking for the best hunting quiver on the market, the Tightspot Quiver is the perfect choice.


  • NEW 2023 Large vented hood, is engineered specifically to accommodate today’s larger and longer fixed blade and expandable broadheads.
  • Available in Right or Left hand
  • Overall Length 20-3/4"
  • Distance from gripper to hood 17.75"
  • Lighter Weight- 10.9 oz w/ mounting bracket
  • Structure- Carbon rods with machined aircraft aluminum
  • Gripper- Customizable arrow wedge
  • 5 Arrow capacity
  • Acoustic Dampening Material in hood

TightSpot also makes a bracket to allow compatibility for some slider sights that adjust from the back, and you can buy extra mounting brackets to allow easy transfer from one bow to another.

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Granite = Mathews Granite

Moss Green = Mathews Green Ambush

OD Green = Bowtech

Saddle Tan = Hoyt Buckskin

Weight: 10.9oz w/ mounting bracket

Number of Arrows: 5

Number of Grippers: 1

Length: 20.75"

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Jeffrey Relation
Best quiver ever!

Bought these two as Christmas gifts for my sons. A couple of times now my oldest had arrows pop out of the fuse quiver that came with his bow. I’ve ran TightSpot quivers for a few years now they are tough to beat, add the extra gripper it’s worth the added security. I really like the ease of reloading off the back arrow slot, got a second arrows in two whitetail this year because of it. Worth the money to upgrade!

Doug Monninger
Tightspot 5 arrow quiver

Great quiver, very solid & lite. Give it a 5 star rating. like that u can tighten wedges to hold ur arrows tight without worry of them coming out if snagged. S&S has great costumer service & fast shipping. Great place to purchase.

Ronald jamarowicz
Tight spot

The reason I like this product is that it is real low profile..it stays tight to the bow...the slide rails are prefect design to keep arrow inside your cams...great addition to my bow ..and it worked prefect with my spot hog sight...

S. Diaz
Great customer service

Rob and crew are super speedy with shipping and everything comes as expected. They get the order out the door same day or next and it gets to me in a day or 2 after that. I'm near Sacramento, CA, for reference. Additionally, Rob responds to emails super fast and has been great at answering my questions. Big fan of S&S for their service and speedy shipping.

The quiver is quiet and solid. There's a little conflict with the mounting bolt on my S&S semi-custom Black Gold Ascent Verdict. The quiver mounting bracket hits the bolt and this limits the ability to slide the quiver forward and/or rotate it forward. The hood also conflicts with my limb axle (Hoyt Torrex Xt) at full draw unless I move the quiver away from the riser a bit. I'm just figuring out how to mount and how I want this quiver adjusted, so these issues may go away. I noticed that the 5th arrow (most forward when mounted) in the quiver is looser than the rest and it slides down after shooting a bit. Tightening the wedge between it and the 4th mainly just tightens the 4th arrow and not the 5th. I'm shooting Gold Tip Hunter 400s. Maybe this will equilibrate over time, or I can fiddle with the wedge. I haven't tried much yet. The arrow doesn't rattle after it has slipped a little.

Matt G
Great quality quiver. Many design flaws

Wish all the grippers were facing out for less confusion in the heat of the hunt. Wish it came with the hood foam to keep my openers safe and all broadheads from rattling after a few shots. Also wish it was a six arrow. The seven arrow is worse because the back two arrows rattle horribly. Also wish it didn’t come with a big shinny sticker on the hood. After an hour of drilling and messing with the foam and taking the sticker off it’s a pretty good quiver