TightSpot Quiver Moveable Sight Bracket

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Tight Spot Quiver Moveable Sight Bracket

Redesigned mounting bracket for your Tightspot quiver that allows you to mount it to a slider sight like the HHA or the Spot Hogg Boss Hogg
  • The conversion bracket is to be mounted between the sight and the riser of the bow. Use the longer 3/4" screws provided to mount the sight over the top of the conversion bracket. Leave screws loose.
  • Mount the quiver bracket to the conversion bracket in one of the four sets of holes at the top. For besst performance you will want the quiver bracket as low as possible yet still provides clearance to move the sight. Adjust quiver and conversion bracket to desired spot and tighten all screws.
  • Refer to the Tightspot Quiver mounting instructions to optimize the performance of your Tightspot Quiver.

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Tight Spott Quiver Offset Brackets

I purchased two of these, one for my primary and back up bow. They are light and have a lot of adjustability. I needed them because of my limb driver rest cable was in the way so I used it to move my quiver mount up and out of the way. It solved my problem and is very quiet too. Tight Spott's stuff is high quality. I also liked S&S Archery's super quick turn around and personal touch. They email you a thank you and encourage you to stay in touch with them. I live in the East and the shipping was quick too. Good product and good online storre to purchase high quality archery gear from.

Zachary Bobish

Used this for a Tightspot quiver on a Bowtech Realm X with a HHA Optimizer Lite sight. It’s literally perfect, full function of the sight, everything is solid, only had to adjust the windage to account for the 1/4” width of the bracket. S&S shipped super fast too!

Victor Ramirez
Works as it Should

Plenty of options for different set ups. Used mine on a bear cruiser with an HHA optimizer lite and a trophy ridge quiver. No complaints.

Jon Lindgren
Works great

Used it to mount a Tight Spot quiver on a HHA Optimizer Lite sight. Does the job, nice secure mount.

S Parker
Functions great!

Use the HHA Optimizer Light on my Prime, but sold my TightSpot with my old bow. Could not live any longer without a TightSpot, so purchased this bracket. Bolted everything together, adjusted the windage and the new rig is set.