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Spot Hogg Triple Stack Sight

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Introducing the new for 2021 Triple Stack system. It's compatible with Spot-Hogg's Fast Eddie, Fast Eddie XL, Tommy Hogg, and Hogg Father sights. This new setup features three individually micro-adjustable vertical pins as well as three individually adjustable yardage indicators. Double pin lovers cheered this design, and now we've added a third aiming point and additional yardage indicator. The Triple Stack allows archers to set gaps for all three pins, and the adjustable pointers provide constant yardage updates as the dial is turned. The Always Up solar wrap boosts light gathering and ensures solid pin visibility no matter the lighting conditions. Available in .010 and .019 fiber optics and includes all three MRT Rings. This sight is an ideal choice for the archer looking for a vertical pin sight but wants multiple pins. Like all Spot Hogg sights, the Triple Stack has Bulletproof pins and is milled from solid 6061 aluminum and is proudly made in the USA!

Triple stack pin colors are Green, Yellow, Green

Customer Reviews

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S&S for the win

I can’t say enough about how much I love the sight. The sight picture through it is far better than my old one. But even better, I had this on back order for 5 MONTHS from another site, but I got mine in 2 days from S&S. You guys rock.

Izak Saul
Triple stack tommy hogg

Absolutely the best sight I’ve ever bought. A lot of people are complaining about the added weight but I feel it’s absolutely worth it! I’m a three pin whitetail hunter this sight is perfect and super strong.

Tyler Davis
American made quality

Couldn't be happier with my purchase. It was on my wishlist for quite awhile and I found out it is made right here in Oregon USA and it helped seal the deal. Also appreciate the fast shipping and seamless interaction with s&s archery.

Jeff T
It’s like coming home.

I had the original vertical pin sight in the early 2000’s. The Triple Stack was like coming home after leaving for 20 years. The pins are bright and the sight is typical Spot Hogg quality. The Fast Eddie is about the same size and weight as my Hunter 7 pin. The controls are easy and sight in quick. I can’t wait for the 4 and 5 pin housings.

Joshua Whipple

I finally got the triple stack, I've had the double pin versions for a while now and liked them alot, the Triple Stack seems the perfect sight, (idk why no one else is doing it)but this thing is a behemoth, the housing is huge, it sticks out from the riser 2 more inches and weighs 13.9 oz! The double is 10 ish. The immediate difference felt with that weight that high above the hand is crazy. I had to add 2 oz to my front bar and 3 to the back bar to make the bow ballance right. Sure if you want to hunt with a 15 lb dumbell, go ahead! Very disappointed. Not trying to complain, but i wish i could have read this before buying a almost 400 dollar sight! I replaced with Axcel landslyde with spot hogg scope. Well see how it does over time.