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Spot Hogg Multiple Ring Technology: What is it and Why Does is Matter?

Spot Hogg MRT sight rings
I would argue that no one experiences more variable lighting conditions than bowhunters. From those crucial minutes before sunrise and sunset, to popping into and out of timber pockets chasing elk, the ability to adapt in changing light and maintain accuracy is crucial. Spot Hogg’s Multiple Ring Technology is the solution.


Spot Hogg’s Multiple Ring Technology (MRT) accounts for the dilation of your pupil in differing light conditions and allows you to maintain optimal accuracy regardless. In bright sunlight your pupil constricts, your vision narrows, and your peep appears to shrink. In darker conditions your pupil widens allowing more light to enter. Your peep appears blurry and larger and you see more light around your sight housing. This makes it more difficult to line up your peep and housing. The MRT counteracts this with multiple concentric rings surrounding your housing and ensures you always have a perfect circle to align your peep with. These images compare a standard sight ring to the MRT sight ring in both bright and dim light. In bright light, there is not much of a difference. In low light however, the difference is immense. The extra rings ensure you are still able to align your peep and housing even when your depth of view changes. When light is visible around your sight, archers commonly "hug" one side of the housing which can cause you to pull arrows right or left. With the Multi Ring Technology, you can maintain a proper sight alignment and improve accuracy. Spot Hogg Sight Ring Alignment TIP FOR SETTING UP: Because your vision is most narrowed in super bright light, try to set up your sight in the brightest light possible. Align your peep to the innermost sight ring and you will have the most flexibility for your vision to “expand” in low light conditions.


Even if you don't buy into this (you should, it's science) there are other benefits to the MRT system. All MRT sights come with multiple different-sized sight rings. The Single and Double Pin sights come with a 2" solid ring and a 2 3/8" triple ring. The 3, 5, and 7 pin sights come with both solid and triple ring 2 3/8" rings and a 1 5/8" triple ring. Regardless what size peep you are shooting and how far from the riser you want to mount your sight, you should be able to find a housing that aligns with your peep perfectly. The sight rings screw on an off easily by hand making them a breeze to change. Spot Hogg MRT Screw On The sight rings are bright and easy to see. While it is fun to dress up your sight with a sight ring that matches the other accessories on your bow, the bright yellow and green on the Spot Hogg sight rings are extremely functional. You will be able to see them clearly in the first minutes of feeble morning light through the last few moments of the dwindling day. Spot Hogg's Multiple Ring Technology is designed to help you be successful in any light but shines brightest when light is constantly changing. Hunting requires you to be consistent despite inconsistent conditions and I for one, want every advantage I can get. Written By: Pat Kelly

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