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Spot Hogg Custom Sights -How to

March 09, 2016 4 min read

spot hogg fast eddie xl

Spot Hogg Custom Sights

3D season has already started here in Idaho, so what better time to continue with our 2 part series on building custom sights at S&S Archery. This week we will focus on Spot Hogg Custom Sights. You can find out how to build a Black Gold Custom Sight here. Spot Hogg is known for bombproof sights. From their bulletproof pins to their industry leading micro adjustability, Spot Hogg is a great option for the backcountry hunter. How are they different? Here are some of the reasons why I think Spot Hogg is in a class of their own.
  • Bombproof. Every sight in Spot Hogg’s line up is rugged, tough, and yet highly refined. You can tell that they have been doing this for awhile.
  • Wrapped pins. This means that they have taken the fiber optics and wrapped them around the entire sight housing, allowing for very bright pins in low light situations.
  • Every Hog Mob (slider, or adjustable) sight has 2nd and 3rd axis built in.
  • And every Hog Mob sight has “Tool Less” micro adjust windage and elevation.
  • Spot Hogg has the BEST micro adjust pins on the market. IF you know how to properly adjust them.
  • Time Tested. Spot Hogg has been serving the archery industry for almost 30 years!

Hogg Father Multi Pin


Spot Hogg prices range from the $79 bulletproof to the 7 pin Hogg Father at $429

Spot Hogg Sights can be sorted into 2 groups

  • Multi Pin Fixed Sights
  • Hogg Mob sights (slider or adjustable sights, single or multipin)
Spot Hogg Hogg It

Multi Pin Fixed

Sight # Pins Micro Adjust Pins Windage/Yardage Adjustability 2nd & 3rd Axis
Right On 3, 5, 7 Y Y N
Real Deal 3, 5, 7 Y Y N
Hunter 3, 5, 7 Y Y Y
Hogg It 3, 5, 7 Y Y Y
Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Multi pin
  • Hogg Mob sights (slider or adjustable sights, single or multipin)

Sight # Pins Micro Adjust Pins Windage/Yardage Adjustability 2nd & 3rd Axis
Tommy Hogg 1, 3, 5, 7 Y Y Y
Boss Hogg 1, 3, 5, 7 Y Y Y
Hogg Father 1, 3, 5, 7 Y Y Y
Fast Eddie 1, double pin Y Y
Fast Eddie XL 1, double pin Y Y
The first thing you notice looking at these charts is the fact that almost all Spot Hogg sights come with micro adjust pins, windage/elevation, and 2nd & 3rd axis adjustability! This makes it very easy to decide what options to choose. However we’ll go through these features anyway, just so you can see how they work.

spot hogg micro pin adjust

Micro Adjust Pins

When adjusting micro adjust pins, you really need to understand how they adjust in order to get the most functionality from them. All you need to remember is to back off one screw, then tighten the other. Let the screws move the pin! Once you do your first pin, the rest will come fairly easily to you. And lastly when you get your pin close, make sure you turn the 3rd screw to line it up with the vertical aiming wire and then fine tune.

Windage/Yardage Adjustability

Yardage is handled differently depending on the sight. For instance the Hogg Mob series of adjustable sights relies on the HDR (hardened rail design) for Course adjustments, and vertical micro adjust for fine changes. While the Hunter and Hogg It require you to remount the sight housing for course vertical changes, but also allow for micro gang adjustments for elevation. The Real Deal allows you to make changes via micro adjust knobs. Windage, or gang horizontal changes can be done via micro adjust knob on the Hogg Mob series. The fixed pin sights require a wrench.

hogg mob 2nd and 3rd axis

2nd & 3rd Axis Adjustments

2nd axis is necessary because it lines up the bubble in your sight with the bow. If your bubble is off, you will find that your shots will be left and right of your target. As you can see the bubble is integrated into the sight housing. This can be done because Spot Hogg factory installs the bubble perfectly level within the sight housing. 3rd axis is important for those 3D shooters or for western style hunting where you will be taking longer shots up or down hill. Spot Hogg has made it very easy to set your 3rd Axis, and is adjusted where the sight housing attaches to the sight assembly. Again as with other adjustments on the Spot Hogg sights, you’ll have to loosen one screw and tighten another. Even with all this adjustability coming standard on most Spot Hogg sights, there are still a few options that you can choose from. We’ll go through them here:

Spot Hogg Custom Options

  • Hand. This one is important.
    • Left
    • Right
  • Guard Size. Spot Hogg uses the outside diameter to measure their sight housing.
    • Small Guard. Great for arrows speeds over 260
    • Large Guard. Built for arrows speeds under 260 where you would find larger gaps between pins.
  • Pins. We recommend keeping the colors symmetrical. For instance Green, Yellow, Green. Not Green, Yellow, Red. Not sure why, but this has worked best for us. Also the pin order is from top to bottom, pin 1 will be your top pin.
    • Color
      • Green (good in low light)
      • Yellow (good in low light)
      • Red (most susceptible to halo)
      • Blue (target archery specific and not bright enough for hunting)
    • Size
      • .029 (best for indoor)
      • .019 (best for short range outdoors)
      • .010 (best for smaller targets or longer distances)
    • Fast Eddie Double Pin
      • Dual fixed fibers on a single up pin
      • Both pin sizes must be the same, but colors can be different
      • Comes with both the single ring and triple alignment rings
When you have your sight setup the way you’d like it, hit the update button near the top to get your final cost. spot hogg hunter We’d also be happy to help over the phone, I personally take every call and will help as much as i can. It's not easy to talk to hunters about archery all day long, but i try. Rob 208-495-4222

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