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Black Gold Custom Sights -How to build yours

Black Gold Custom Sights

Black Gold Custom Sights at S&S Archery

We do a LOT of bow sights at S&S Archery. Why? I think there are 2 reasons. The first is because we KNOW them. If you call us and ask a question, we don’t have to send the call to a tech or back to the factory. We will have the answer for you. But I think the biggest reason we sell so many sights is because you can customize your sight right on our website to your exact specifications. What does that mean? Let me explain. When you purchase a bow sight off the rack, it’s pin sizes and colors are pre-set. The housing is probably going to be setup with the most common options. And the base may or may not have 3rd axis adjustability. Black Gold Pure Gold 75 in package Would you buy a car without the options and color you want? No way! So why get a bow sight that's not exactly what you want? What I'd like to do in this 2 part newsletter is give our Insiders instructions on how to build your own Black Gold or Spot Hogg custom bow sight on our website. This week we’ll focus on Black Gold Sights. What makes Black Gold sights different from the rest? Here are a few features that I think makes them stand out. black gold pins
  • Bright bombproof pins. Black Gold is known for having the industry's brightest pins. they are also damn tough!
  • Photo-chromatic shell. The shell surrounding the fiber optic cable turns dark purple in bright sunlight. This is what keeps your pins from getting that halo effect during the day, no one else has this feature.
  • Warranty. Send it back, they fix it for free. Period.
  • Integrated sight ring level. Fastest, easiest 2nd axis adjust ever.
  • Pure series, super strong 7075 aluminum. Highly refined, durable, adjustable slider. This could be the best slider sight available.
Black Gold Sight Ring Prices range anywhere from $100 for the Rush to over $300 for the Pure Gold. The Black Gold sights can be broken down into two groups:
  • Fixed pin
  • Moveable single pin or multi pin (slider).

Fixed Pin Sights

Sight Weight (oz) Micro Adjust Pins Horizontal/Vertical Gang Adjustability 3rd Axis
Rush 5.6oz N N N
Widowmaker 6.8oz N Y N
Backdraft 7.3oz Y N N
Revenge 8.8oz Y Y Y

Moveable Pin Sights:

Sight Weight (oz) Micro Adjust Pins Horizontal/Vertical Gang Adjustability 3rd Axis
Ascent Verdict (slider) 9.2oz N* N* N*
Verdict Single Pin (slider) 9.0oz N N N*
Pure Series (slider) 11.4 oz Y* Y* Y

3 different adjustments:

  • Micro-adjust Pins
  • Horizontal and Vertical Gang Adjustability
  • 3rd Axis Adjustability
Let's take a look at the adjustability options, as this is what should (for the most part) give you the best place to start.

Micro Adjust Pins

Black Gold Micro Adjust Pins Black gold’s micro adjust pin system is truly remarkable. Simply loosen the pin with a hex wrench, then turn the wheel to move the pin up or down. One full turn = 1 inch at 20 yards. Then tighten the pin back down. It's important to remember to turn the wheel to take out any play, if you don't you could get some vibration and noise on the shot.

Micro Adjust Gang Horizontal and Vertical

black gold windage adjustment This adjustment moves the entire sight housing vertically or horizontally. Again, loosen the bar with a hex wrench, then turn the wheel in the direction you want to move your arrows (chase your arrows). One full turn = 1 inch at 20 yards. then tighten once you're dialed in. Requiring a hex wrench to make adjustments assures they will not come loose in the field. I call this backcountry insurance.

3rd Axis Adjustability

Black Gold 3rd Axis adjustment 3rd axis alignment is important if you will be shooting uphill or downhill farther than 30 or 40 yards depending on your setup. Steve has an excellent video on how to change your 2nd and 3rd axis here. On Black Gold sights, you need to first loosen the lock screw. This is the smaller screw on base. Its on the same side as the pins. The adjustment screw is on the other side of the base, and is slightly larger than the lock screw. Be sure to make very small adjustments here, as a little bit goes a long way. Once you are finished making your adjustments, gently tighten the lock screw. Now that you understand the adjustment options, you should be able to determine which sight is best suited for your needs. How do we get the exact sight we want, now that we know the options we’re looking for? Just go to the Black Gold sight page, and select the Model with the features you want, and from there select the “Custom” version of the sight. Black Gold wrench The following are the options that you will see on our custom setup page. (You may not see all of these options depending on which sight you are customizing)

Black Gold Custom Options

  • Hand. If i have to explain this one, you need to step away from the computer. I don't want you to hurt yourself.
    • right
    • left
  • Sight Color (rush only)
    • black
    • camo
  • Base. The standard and Revenge base's are the same except that the Revenge has 3rd axis. New for 2017, al Ascent Verdict sights have 3rd axis adjustability. The dovetails have many more places to mount the sight. This helps get your peep lined up with your sight housing.
    • standard (2017 sights all come with 3rd axis)
    • revenge
    • 4” dovetail
    • 6” dovetail
  • Guard Size. The standard 1 ¾" housing tends to be more accurate, while the 2” Big Dog will help you acquire your target faster.
    • Standard 1 ¾"
    • 2” big dog
  • Sight Housing. This is where you will have the option of having micro adjust pins, or micro adjust gang horizontal and vertical, both, or neither.
    • Revenge. Has both micro pins and micro gang adjustments
    • Backdraft. Has only micro pins
    • Widowmaker. Has micro gang adjustments
    • Standard FP HD. Has no micro adjustments
  • Custom Sight Ring Color. This is entirely personal preference, but I will say that in a low light situation the Nitrous Green tends to be easier to see.
    • Big Dog 2” and standard 1 3/4"
      • Nitrous Green
      • Neon Pink
      • Radical Red
      • Wicked White
    • Standard 1 ¾ only (these colors are not available on the 2” Big Dog)
      • Fluorescent Blue
      • Optic Orange
      • Powerful Purple
  • Pins 1-7 You can setup your pin size and color in any order you'd like. We recommend keeping the colors symmetrical. For instance Green, Yellow, Green. Not Green, Yellow, Red. Not sure why, but this has worked best for us. Also the pin order is from top to bottom, pin 1 will be your top pin.
    • Pin Color
      • Green (good in low light)
      • Yellow (good in low light)
      • Red (most susceptible to halo)
    • Pin Size
      • .029 (best for indoor)
      • .019 (best for short range outdoors)
      • .010 (best for smaller targets or longer distances)
  • Scope This is great for target and 3d shooters. I would not recommend using this for hunting, as you may find it could make it difficult to acquire your target. This is only available on the 1 3/4" sight housing.
    • 2x lens and kit
    • 4x lens and kit (most customers prefer the 4x lens)
Once you have made all your changes, hit the update button near the top to get an accurate cost for your sight. Feel free to make as many changes as you'd like until you get the sight setup exactly how you want it. We also offer advice over the phone, and are happy to take your phone order as well. I personally answer every call, and would be happy to help you figure out what sight would be best for you. Rob 208-495-4222

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