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Rob's 2016 gear list

September 20, 2016 5 min read

Rob's 2016 gear list

Hey Insiders! We're halfway through September 2016, and after having ample opportunity to use my current setup, I thought I would share it. About 30 to 40 lbs depending on how much I leave home, this is for a 3-4 night trip, usually 3-5 miles in. I'll also add some notes to each item on my list and links to reviews. If you would like more info on any of my gear shoot me an email, and I'll be happy to answer your questions. -Rob

Rob's 2016 Backcountry Gear List

2016 Bow SetupBow

  • Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34 -it's a dream shooting this bow. The draw cycle is wonderful, however, it was not easy to tune.
  • Trophy Taker Quivalizer(read review) -probably the best gear upgrade for me this year. I removed 1 lb off my bow and tightened up my groups at longer distance shots. I was worried about how the quiver would hold my micro diameter arrows, but so far its been great.
  • RipCord Ace Micro -I love that I can load an arrow during a stalk without having the arrow bounce around.
  • Trophy Taker Option 6 (read review) -love this sight, but I also love my MBG Pure sight. I might switch back next year.
  • Zelor 350 Arrows-I really like the weight and straightness of this shaft. however, the insert/outsert is not great.
  • Solid 125 gr broadheads -Solid Broadheads are money! Incredible penetration and I did not need any broadhead tuning.
  • Carter Wise Choice 4 finger release -I like this release, but would probably choose the Carter 1st choice if i had to do it again as my knuckle does rub the index finger hole during my draw.


  • Exo Mountain Gear 5500 -this pack is ultra light, and will handle as heavy a load as you can. It simply inspires confidence to hunt where I want without fear that I will regret the pack out.
Hilleberg Enan

Sleep System

  • Hilleberg Enan (read review) -after using this tent, i will not buy another brand tent. this is 2 lbs of backcountry insurance.
    • Enan Footprint and fly only -I flip between this and my Jimmy Tarp during summer scouting.
  • Thermarest XTherm (repaired 2 holes, and I need to patch another) -warm and comfortable, got used to the loud crunchy noise. but I am sick of repairing it.
  • Klymit Static V -heavy and not super comfortable, but has not let me down.
  • Sierra Designs Zissou 12 -keeps me warm down to about 25 degrees without extra layers on
Swaro SLCs on Benro S2

Optics and Tripods



Kill Kit

  • Alaska game bags -lightweight and reusable. I have been using the same 6 bags for 3 years now.
  • Outdoor Edge Razor-Blaze (read review) razor sharp replaceable blade knife that you dont need pliers to replace
  • small amount of electrical tape -wrapped around my extra blades
  • extra blades(2) -usually only need 2 blades for an elk, and 1 blade for a mule deer
  • Large plastic bag -i use this to lay meat on, or to line my pack depending on how i pack out
  • license/tags
  • 30' 550 para cord
Getting water from the creek

Cooking and water system

  • Jetboil Sol -solid performer, no complaints
  • Titanium Spork -long handle to reach Mt house bottom
  • GSI cup set -2 cups, outside cup is for oatmeal, inside cup is for coffee
  • HydraPak 3L bladder -I like this bladder, very easy to clean, and easy to fill with Sawyer Rapid Fill Adapter
  • Sawyer Squeeze water filter 1L (read review) works well for me however, I prefer using a platypus 3L bag for dirty water, it's easier to collect water. Just wrap some electrical tape around the nozzle to make it fit better

2016 Hunting Gear List Clothing

Other Gear

  • Costco Carbon trekking poles. I broke one (not in the field), but for $39/pair I can't complain too much.
  • Princeton Tech Remix Pro headlamp
  • SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger -I'd rather have the Delorme Explorer, esp after 2 consecutive price increases. Would also be nice to be able to text my wife.
  • Samsung S6
  • Duct Tape -wrapped around my trekking pole
  • Thermarest butt pad for glassing. I purchased the RidgeRest SOL lite and cut it up into 3 large pieces for the same price as one folded up small one.

Backcountry food


(might swap out this meal for chocolate covered coffee beans, seems easier and no need for cups..or water..or paper towel!)
  • Caveman bar (Costco)
  • Lunch
    • Butthole sandwich (I use bacon, Nutella, and apple/cinnamon bagels)
  • Cliff bar
  • Dinner
My list is always changing and is nowhere near perfect, but for a guy who still has to buy all his own gear, I think I have a pretty darn good setup. -Rob

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