Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite

ascent mountain lite

Black Gold Mountain Lite

Before we get to the Black Gold Mountain Lite, we need to look at our favorite sight, the Black Gold Verdict. Why is it our favorite? Simple. Its pins are the brightest of all hunting sights in low light, and they tend to blur the least thanks to their Photochromatic shell that turns a dark purple in bright sunlight. This does a great job at keeping the pins from washing out. Another reason we love adjustable Black Gold sights is the 45 degree sight tape that allows you to see your dialed pin's current yardage, even at full draw. Pair that with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustability and it's easy to see why we love it so much. New for 2020, Black Gold has given us a new sight based on the Black Gold Ascent Verdict called the Mountain Lite. What's different? Alot!

ML3 Base

First we have the new short lightweight ML3 base WITH 3rd axis! 3rd axis is important for those longer shots uphill or downhill. Without a 3rd axis adjustment you could be off by 4-5 inches to the left or right on shots past 40 yards.

Dual Indicator System

Second is the industry's first Dual Indicator System for multi pin sights! Dual indicators allow you to dial in 2 different pins on the same sight tape. You can dial in your bottom pin and middle pin, or bottom and top pin, or whatever pins you choose.

Perfect for elk hunters

This sight is going to be perfect for the hunter who wants a lightweight, compact, and accurate sight that will cover a large range of yardage without having to cluster their view with a ton of pins. I see this sight going on a lot of elk hunters’ bows this coming season!

How it works

But how does the Dual Indicator System work? Once you have your sight tape set for your bottom pin (or whichever pin you want). Just add the second indicator pointing at the yardage of the second pin you wish to use. That's it! And don’t worry, we’ll have detailed instructions on setup once this sight becomes available in November 2019!

Benefits of the ML3

What are the benefits of the shorter base? The most obvious benefit is weight. Black Gold is saying 8.2 oz for this 3 pin setup. It also comes with 3rd axis, needed for those longer shots. And one benefit you may not be aware of is less pin movement while aiming. Having your pins closer to the riser tend to move around a lot less than those sights with long dovetails.

Benefits of the Double Pointer

Why the Dual Pointer System? How many times have you had your pin dialed in to 45 yards only to have the bull come in at 20 yards? Seems to happen a lot, right? With the Dual Indicator System you will have 2nd pointer for a pin at a known yardage no matter where your dial is. And with the 45 degree angle sight tape, you’ll be able to see that 2nd pin’s yardage even at full draw.
Leave it to Black Gold to come up with a simple solution to a complicated problem. And as always you can customize your sight with whatever base, housing and pin setup you want on our custom page. Black Gold is also 100% US made, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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