2018 Tightspot Quiver

2018 Tightspot Quiver

2018 Tightspot Quiver

2018 Tightspot Quiver

What’s new for the 2018 Tightspot Quiver? The most trusted, tightest fitting, and most adjustable quiver on the market just keeps getting better and better. When you make the best quiver on the market, you don't stay on top without continually making your product better. And that's the case with the 2018 TightSpot Quiver. Here are the highlights to this years changes:

2018 tightspot quiver 4 bolt

Four Bolt Crossbar

The biggest change for 2018 is a more stable 4 fastener crossbar that doesn't allow the quiver to flex as much. It also dampens the vibration substantially. Additionally the center brace was thickened to give it more strength. The 4 fastener system allows it to have more grip on the carbon rods, making it more rigid and stronger without adding a ton of weight. Delrin Washer

New Delrin Saddle Washer

My favorite change and most noticable is the new Delrin saddle washer under the clamp lever. When you lock down the quiver after attaching to your bow, you WILL feel the difference. It's like butter! The action is very smooth and super quiet. You’ll get that same feel when removing your quiver as well.

Tightspot secondary gripper

Secondary Arrow Gripper

Also new in the 2018 Tightspot lineup is a secondary arrow gripper that attaches to the carbon rods near the hood. This allows you to lock down the arrows in 2 places. I personally do not see a need for this, but according to Tightspot it was something that was highly requested. We have sold quite a few, so it is certainly popular!

2018 tightspot adjust

Adjust it!

What hasn’t changed is the amazing adjustability of the Tightspot quiver. If you have read my past reviews, my favorite feature is the ability to use your quiver as a stabilizer and dampener, simply by adjusting the quiver. My personal setup involves moving the hood up a bit higher and moving it forward a couple inches towards the front of the bow. This aids in balancing my bow during my shot. Other quivers force you to use other balancing measures to compensate for your quiver. But the tightspot mounts so tightly to your bow, that it virtually eliminates any added torque. In addition to that, they new XL mount give you more room to get past your dovetail if you happen to move your sight housing in a little ways.

2018 Tightspot Hood


Something that i really haven’t covered in my other reviews is the way the Tightspot handles broadheads. I love the design and material of the hood insert that allows you to add and remove your broadheads hundreds of times without affecting the functionality of the quiver. Not to mention the size of the hood allows even larger broadheads to be completely enclosed. Including the 125 grain Solid broadheads that i currently shoot.

Any bad news?

The list of cons to using the 2018 Tightspot Quiver is short. While the quiver is light weight, there are lighter quivers on the market. The other downside is cost. However both of these cons are easily justified when you are shooting the best quiver on the market.


These changes really do make the 2018 Tightspot Quiver the most durable, reliable and stable quiver they have ever made. I can’t even imagine what they could improve on.

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