2018 Spot Hogg Updates

2018 Spot Hogg Updates

2018 Spot Hogg Sights and Releases

What is new in 2018 for the toughest line of bow sights on the market? 2018 Hogg Father Double Pin pointer

Hogg Mob Double Pointer

New for 2018 Spot Hogg has added the popular double pointer to the Hogg Father and the Tommy Hogg double pin sights. Not only can you get the double pointer for the 2018 models, but they are also backward compatible. So if you currently have a Hogg Father or Tommy Hogg and would like the double pointer you can add that to your existing sight. Hogg Mobb Double Pointer If you are looking to try the double pin sight and currently have a multi pin, give us a call. We can switch you to a double pin scope with the double pointers for around $120. 2018 Fast Eddie Rack Stop

New 2018 Fast Eddie

The wildly popular Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL now come with a rack stop that you can install to stop the sight from adjusting to the very top or the bottom of the rack. Why is that important? You can install it on the bottom to set your default position. So without even looking at the sight tape, you can turn the dial and know that you are set with your fixed pins. Alternately you could also install it on the top to mark your max distance or solve any clearance issues you might have. For instance, if you don't want to take a shot past 50 yards, install your rack stop to keep from being able to dial down past 50. 2018 Fast Eddie XL Both the Fast Eddie and the Fast Eddie XL have been re-designed as well. In an effort to further beef up these already burley sights, Spot Hogg closed off the end of the frame that connects to the rack. Talking to Spot Hogg, the main purpose for this redesign is to give the sight more support when housing the 7 pin MRT. Wise guy boa rigid bar

Wiseguy BOA strap with Rigid Bar

Spot Hogg also makes high quality and simple to use release aids. Their most popular, the Wise Guy index finger release, now comes with a BOA wrist strap! Talk about the most comfortable strap yet! If you are unfamiliar with a BOA wrist strap, imagine a wheel that you turn to tighten the strap, and then pop the wheel out to immediately release it from your wrist. The wheel tightens two cords that offer more support than the standard buckle strap. Simply put, it feels plush. That’s about it for 2018 changes. Just a reminder that ALL of our sights are the newest, freshest models available. And as always we have free shipping on all orders, and expert advice is just a phone call away. Rob 208-495-4222

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