2017 Spot Hogg Hunting Gear

2017 Spot Hogg Hunting Gear

What’s new for Spot Hogg in 2017 for hunters?

As it turns out, quite a lot!

Spot Hogg Keeton

The Keeton

A brand new index finger/wrist strap/integrated-grip release. Sounds pretty busy right? Well, it is doing a lot. The release is called the Keeton, and the idea behind it is to allow you to draw like a thumb release with your hand holding the release, but when you’re ready to shoot you can release the handle and shoot with the index finger. I hope this makes someone rich, because its a brilliant new design! I personally tried out the Keeton at the ATA show and was amazed at how natural it felt. I was able to use all the muscles in my shoulders, back, and arm to draw. This made the draw super smooth and controlled, and I felt like I could hold for days. Then when I was ready to shoot, I simply let go of the handle, and it slid out of the way allowing for a index finger shot. The transition was amazing when you transfer control from the handle to the wrist strap. As you rotate your hand over to position your index finger for the shot, it simply feels like a natural movement. We did a couple draws without holding the handle, relying on just the wrist strap, and then a couple with the handle. I was really surprised at how much more control I had with the handle. I think this would be perfect for the beginner who wants a more controlled draw, but not ready to hunt with a thumb release. Or this would work well for someone who has pre-existing shoulder injuries. I think it would also be great for someone who is trying to increase their bow’s poundage. The best thing about the Keeton? The price. $99

Spot Hogg Sights

Moving on to sights, Spot Hogg has made some major improvements that trickle down to all of their sights. They have removed a few sights and added a new line as well. The Boss Hogg, Right On, and Real Deal are no longer a part of the line up. And new for 2017 is the Grinder. All of the Spot Hogg sights benefit from their new MRT (multi-pin, multi-ring) pin guard that replaces the small and large guard, but adds the Spot Hogg triple ring technology from the double pin scope. Spot Hogg MRT PinGuard

MRT Pin Guard

Spot Hogg has done away with the old large and small multi-pin housings and consolidated to one single size housing (about 2”) with 3 sight ring options. The MRT is currently available in 3 or 5 pin configurations with the 7 pin coming soon. This same housing will work on ALL current Spot Hogg sights. 3-ring-MRT The most notable feature on the MRT is the 3 different ring options. This is taken from the triple ring option on the Double Pin Scope, and my favorite feature from Spot Hogg. The key to accuracy for most of us bow hunters is the ability to line up the peep with the sight housing. I’m sure you have noticed that your peep will look different depending on the amount of ambient light there is. Sometimes your peep is fuzzy or blurry in low light situations, and that is where the multiple rings come into play. Having a solid peep makes it easy to line up your sight housing, but when the peep is blurry these multiple rings give you a larger ring to line up with. This is great in the early morning or late evening, or even indoors where there isn't always ideal lighting conditions. This WILL make you a more accurate hunter. I also really like the new L shaped mounting bracket. This versatile mount will allow you get the sight housing exactly where you need it and still stay rock solid. Spot Hogg has also brought back their micro adjustable pins for the MRT pin guard. The few that don't like this setup likely are unfamiliar with how to set the pins properly. I personally think it's one of the best designs on the market. The Pins on the MRT are likely improved and the level is larger. And the sight light is in a new improved location that will allow light to be evenly spread across all the pins. I’ll have a full review on the new MRT out just as soon as I can get one in my hands. Spot Hogg Grinder

The Grinder

The Grinder replaces the Real Deal and the Right On. It’s a simple, solid, lightweight, bombproof sight. It’s completely adjustable except for 3rd axis, and competitively priced. I love this sight because it gets a Spot Hogg in reach of everyone financially, but you don't have to lose out on features or durability. It comes with the new MRT housing and you can get it with or without gang micro adjustability.
Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL

The Fast Eddie and Fast Eddie XL get the most exciting upgrade. I get calls weekly asking for a Fast Eddie XL with a Multi pin housing. And now Spot Hogg has it available with the new MRT multi pin housing. You can choose between 3, 5 and soon 7 pins. Spot Hogg Double Pin PointerSpot Hogg single pointer The Double Pin option is still available but now comes with a cool new double pointer. No more guessing what the yardage is on the bottom pin! The pointer is more durable and easier to read than the “paper clip” we saw on the older Fast Eddie. The single pointer is also new and similarly built, both are purple and easy to see.
Spot Hogg Hunter MRT Spot Hogg Hogg It MRT

Hogg It and Hunter

Not only does the fixed pin Hogg It and Hunter get the new 3, 5 and soon 7 pin MRT ping guard, but the Hogg It also comes with a lighter weight and longer sight bar. If you are looking for the best fixed pin sight available to hunters, this is it.

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