2017 Black Gold Fixed Pin Sights

January 09, 2017 4 min read

Black Gold Fixed Pin Sight

Black Gold Fixed Pin Sights

Black Gold Fixed Pin Sight It's not a huge secret that the adjustable Black Gold Verdict, and Pure are some of the best adjustable sights available for western style hunting. They are lightweight, backcountry durable, and have THE best pins in the industry. Best of all they are 100% made in the USA.But what about Black Goldfixed pin sights, how do they stack up? Black Gold has a wide variety of fixed pin sights. Each Black Gold sight has its own mix of adjustments, but I want to cover the features that are common to all Black Gold sights, and why I think each is important.
  • Each Black Gold sight now comes with the X-Frame, Black Gold's new lightweight, stronger base, that comes in black or camo (camo is only available on the Rush).
  • Their sight ring is available in many different colors and has an integrated bubble that makes 2nd axis adjustments a breeze.
  • The photo chromatic shell houses the fibers on top of the sight to attract the most light possible in all situations. This shell also CHANGES color to a dark purple in bright sunlight to dim the pins reducing any halo effect.
  • Pins are bombproof, 1 piece, all metal, micro groove pins allow the most light through, yet still protect the fiber. This is the highlight of the Black Gold brand in my opinion.
Black Gold Rush

Black Gold Rush

Designed to be very affordable the Rush series starts around $100. You won't find any micro adjustments on this sight, but if you are looking for the best bang for your dollar, it will NOT disappoint. This is also the only sight that offers a camo option for Black Gold.

Black Gold Widowmaker

Moving up to the Widowmaker line adds micro gang adjustability. This is great for making small windage or elevation changes. How many times have you been at the range and want to make a small elevation change? You loosen up the elevation lock screw and the sight housing drops to the bottom... hate that, right? With the Widowmaker, loosening up the lock screw allows you to turn the “inch wheel” to move the housing. The inch wheel is so named because one full turn of the wheel equals about a 1 inch change at 20 yards. The same applies to windage. Black Gold Backdraft

Black Gold Backdraft

The Backdraft does not come with the micro gang adjustments, but does have micro pin adjustments. This solves that common problem of trying to move the pin just a tiny bit, and then watching it move a quarter of an inch instead. Simply loosen the pin like you normally would, then turn the wheel to move the pin up and down. Again, one turn of the wheel is about 1 inch at 20 yards. Then tighten the pin back down. Be sure to take the play out of the wheel by turning until it wont turn. The pin won't move, but this will keep the wheel from causing any unwanted noise or vibration on the shot. Revenge

Black Gold Revenge

The Black Gold Revenge bring all these technologies together in a lightweight, strong, silent hunting sight. Micro pin adjustments, micro gang adjustments (2017 brings a click adjustment for measured, exact changes), 3rd axis adjustability, and optional 4”, or 6" dovetail. This sight really has it all. The new click adjustment is great for getting sighted into the bull very quickly. If you're shooting low, make bold changes, say 8 clicks up. And based on your results you should know if its going to take 4 clicks down or 2 clicks to get you in. Black Gold revenge Would you benefit from a fixed pin sight? You bet! Very few hunting situations offer the opportunity to “dial in” your yardage. Only one time have I ever been in a situation where I had time to range, and then dial in the exact yardage. And that was only due to the curiosity of a young doe. Most shots do not afford the luxury of taking that much time or making that much movement. Another benefit of the fixed pin sights, is the simplicity. “Keep it simple stupid". Sight in your pins, make sure 2nd and 3rd axis is good, and that's it! How many arrows have I lost to a 3D course because I forgot to zero my adjustable sight? More than a few… There is also the benefit of having less weight on your bow, which is the case for most fixed pin sights, but especially so for Black Gold's. The Black Gold Rush weighs in at a scant 5 oz! You can find the weight to all of Black Gold's sights here. Overall I think the most valuable benefit to the Black Gold fixed pins sights is the peace of mind you'll have knowing that your durable, finely tuned sight is ready to shoot in all situations, the rest is up to you. -Rob

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