My 2013 Gear list

November 01, 2013 2 min read

My 2013 Gear list

I meant to type this up back in August but got busy just getting ready for seasons to start. Now here in between early and late archery seasons I figured it would be a good time. My total pack weight this year was 23lbs for a 3 day trip- minus water. This is basically everything that was either on me or with me minus a few small things like calls, wind detector etc. I have a very minimalist approach to my backpacking and it has served me well over the years. I stick to the list by the letter, too many people pack way too much gear with them and especially if they aren't in shape end up hiking out early. Along with my lightweight philosophy I just prepare for the things that have the highest chance of happening to me. I don't pack and prepare for every possible situation that could possibly happen, guys that do this end up with 40+ pound packs. I can't really recommend what I do as I know I am taking a risk but I always figure worst case scenario I have to spend a few hours hiking back to the truck. I suppose this would be different if I was spending a week in the middle of nowhere dropped off by a plane but for just my standard 3 day trips hiking in 4-6 miles this serves me well. I don't pack anything extra except for one pair of socks. What I really like to focus on is items that have dual purpose, like my First Lite puffy jacket; its an insulation layer, a pillow and a rain jacket. This is also my early season list, for my late November seasons backpacking in the snow I'll have gloves, beanie, long johns and a few other cold weather items with me. Here is the list of everything that was on my back and on me:

  • Pack- Exo Mountain Gear 3500- 4lb 4oz
  • Tent- Hilleberg Anjan 2- 3lbs 5oz or Big Anges Fly Creek UL1- 1lb 15oz
  • Sleeping pad- Therma Rest Neo Air- 15oz
  • Sleeping Bag- Mountain Hardwear Phantom 32- 1lb 6oz
  • Stove- Jetboil SOL Titanium with fuel- 12oz
  • Water Filter- Sawyer Squeeze- 3oz
  • Bladder- Camelback 3l- 6oz
  • Headlamp- Princeton Tec Remix Pro- 1.5oz
  • Knife- Kestrel Titanium- .5oz
  • Fork- Jetboil plastic fork- .2oz
  • First Aid Kit- homemade (ligher,bandages,tape, etc)- 3oz
  • TP and wipes- 2oz
  • Chapstick- .2oz
  • Game Bags- Alaskan (2)- 3oz
  • Rope- 20' of 550 cord- 1oz
  • Duct tape- 20' of of Gorilla Tape- 2 oz
Clothing: Other Gear: Food: Average 1.25lbs per day
  • Mountain House
  • Cliff Builders Bars
  • GU Energy Chomps
  • Costco Trail mix packets
  • Misc granola bars
  • Starbucks instant coffee packets!!!

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