Black Gold Pro Sight

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Black Gold Pro Sight

The Black Gold Pro Sight is simply the best archery sight you can buy. Black Gold took the best of its already amazing adjustable sights and added a ton of new features to give us what we all want. THE BEST.

  • NEW! Tapered Pro Pins with click micro adjust .019
  • NEW! Wing Truss ultralight base 
  • NEW! Individual and gang pin adjustments
  • Legendary "Dial of Death" adjustment system
  • Full click micro adjustment-gang windage and elevation.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustment, 1st and 3rd micro adjust
  • weighs only 11.9 oz

 Available in 1 pin, 3 pin or 5 pin models with the new Wing Truss ultralight base.

  • Rear facing sight tape
  • High performance Photochromic Shell is 80% tougher and changes color faster
  • Large adjustable level is easy to see and set
  • 54 Sight tapes included
  • Interchangeable Fluorescent guard rings for fast sight acquisition
  • Dial of Death adjustment system gives target sight accuracy to bowhunters
  • More range and adjustability than traditional hunting slider sights
  • Exclusive first axis adjustment keeps sight dialed in at long ranges
  • Works great with one piece quivers (unlike most slider sights)
  • Designed to accommodate computer generated sight tapes
  • Quick, smooth and quiet adjustment

Adjusting the new Black Gold Pro Sight pins has been seriously overhauled! An easy new click micro system has replaced the old wheels that moved the pins up and down. You can fine tune each individual pin, or all of the pins at the same time with 1 click micro adjustment knob. Each pin has a lock screw AND an engagement screw. If you want to adjust a pin, simply loosen its lock and engagement screws and turn the knob. Each click gives you a measured adjustment and 1 full turn (8 clicks) is approximately equal to 1 inch at 20 yards. Dial in each pin precisely where you want them.

Click here to watch a video on properly setting up your Black Gold Adjustable sight.

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Type: Slider

Weight: 11.9oz

Housing Size: 1 3/4"

Number of Pins: 1, 3, and 5 Pin Models

Pin Size: .019

Pin Color: Single pin Green, 3 Pin GYG, 5 Pin GRYGR

Axis Adjustments: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

100% Made in USA

Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Great sight

First I'll say I love this sight and the customer service. Had mine custom built and they got it built and shipped to me within a couple weeks. Sight is built well, pins are bright, and it's not to hard to sight in and adjust. Even for a first time slider buyer like me. Only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is they shipped it in a bag with no packing. 500 dollars, I'd thought it would've been packaged a lot better. However it arrived undamaged and no issues, but still a disappointment to me. Other than that, everything met and exceeded my expectations and I'd highly recommend it.

MBG pro sight & S&S Archery

MBG PRO sight is definitely everything l wanted and more. Pins are extremely bright, and BG’s new pin system in the pro’s are great. Started with a custom order but BG is entirely too slow on building and getting sent. But Rob at S&S is fantastic to work with. In 54 years l can not remember any place l have dealt with that had better customer service. Switched out custom for sight off shelf and 24 hours later was mounting on bow. Very helpful and goes way above and beyond to ensure customers are happy. Thank you Rob.

Paul Whaley
Black gold pro bow sight

Fantastic sight! Everything is micro adjust plus major adjustments for easy tuning. Locks down tight for no rattling.Very bright pins. Arrows on micro dials to indicate travel direction.

Dylan Chilberg
Worth every penny

Micro adjust everything made getting the sight dead on in no time! Easy install and setup including 1st, 2nd, 3rd axis. Sight tapes were accurate to my current arrow setup and speed. Last sight ill be buying for a while, and would buy another

BT Thompson
Worth It!!

Tapered pins are fantastic, removal from riser is a snap when traveling, relatively light for all of the many features, simple, no rattles. I use different arrow weights for hunting and is super easy to adjust to accommodate - BG is in a class of its own.