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Carter Rx1 Index Release

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Carter RX1

The Rx series of releases from Carter is the prescription for any of the hardcore bowhunters and target archers. The Rx1 and Rx2 are the new releases that were collectively inspired by World renowned hardcore Bowhunter Dr. Randy Ulmer, Champion target archer Michael Braden and were designed by Carter.

The Rx1 and Rx2 are simply the fastest, quietest and most accurate wrist strap release on the market today. The Rx series features a brand new magnetic hook return that automatically closes with a simple squeeze of the finger. This unique self closing, open hook design is perfect for trouble free shooting from a string loop, all while giving a perfect release, and unparalleled speed which has come to be expected from Carter.

The Rx series also feature the Interchangeable Tension System (I.T.S.). The system that was developed by Carter to give the ultimate trigger tensions adjustment option to the archer. With the I.T.S., regardless of your preference in trigger tension, you will be able to achieve it without adding in unwanted trigger travel. To add to the list the Rx1 and Rx2 come standard with a premium fully adjustable leather buckle strap made by Scott. These combined features enable the archer to have countless adjustment options to suit every shooting style.

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Trigger Type: Index Finger


Made in Idaho

Customer Reviews

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James Kruse
Carter RX1

Very crisp release and easy to adjust. Extremely well made. I have tried many releases and this is my favourite

Nathan Pacanowski

Super crisp trigger, and I love the ability to adjust both both tension and travel. I really like the heavier pull you can get with this release, which is more conducive to allowing a back tension activated shot for me.


I bought 2 of these 15 yrs ago. I sent them in to get retrofitted with new system. I couldn't be without shooting so bought a third. These really are smooth and crisp!! Love'em!!!


Just received my RX1, what a release!!! After tinkering with the settings for about a half hour, I got it Dialed into l that sweet spot. First there feels like no trigger travel under tension at all and the trigger-pull somehow feels crisp yet buttery smooth when pulled. Shots for me broke cleanly when slight back tension was applied. The hook grabs the D-loop securely. Finally the wrist strap feels top notch there was no creep as my bow came under tension and the adjustment was really easy.

Eric Christensen
Great release!

Love this release, this is my second one and plan on using it as my backup just in case I lose my other. Set mine with the heaviest spring for a good strong release with no travel.