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Robin Hood Release Holster

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S&S Archery is excited to be carrying the Robin Hood Archery Release Holster from Ivory Holsters! We've been good friends of Gabriel for quite a while and really happy to bring you this product. Its going to be your ultimate tool for quick and seamless access to your Carter release. Gone are the days of digging through pockets in critical moments. This holster is engineered for adjustable retention, ensuring a secure fit for a wide array of Carter releases. To secure your release, simply insert the tail end into the holster's "pocket" and tilt forward to lock. Need a tighter or looser fit? A quick twist of a 1/8” Allen wrench at the holster's front allows you to adjust the internal paddle's pressure, ensuring your gear is held precisely how you want it.

Designed for versatility, the Robin Hood effortlessly attaches to your belt, bino harness, hunting pack, or Molle webbing, accommodating both left and right-hand draws. Its adaptable design lets you choose between vertical or horizontal positioning, providing optimal accessibility and preventing the annoyance of losing your release in the field.

Fits the following releases:

B3 Archery
Exit Mini

Carter Enterprises
Wise Choice – 3 finger
First Choice – 3 finger
Too Simple – 3 finger
Mini Evolution 20 – 3 finger
Chocolate Addiction – 3 finger
Chocolate Lite – 3 finger
Only Small – 3 finger
Revelation – 3 finger
Simple 1 – 3 finger

Scott Archery

Stan Releases
Onnex Large
Onnex Medium

T.R.U. Ball Archery
Trident Pro Medium
Abyss Flex Medium
Abyss Flex Large
Max Hunter Plus

Weight 2 oz

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