Hilleberg Niak Backpacking Tent

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Yellow Label

2 person

A very simple, very light and highly versatile three-season tent.

We purposely created the Niak as a snow-free adventure tent that is a hybrid between a two-person and a solo model. For two, it is a stellar choice for those who want minimal weight and who accept that its single door and lengthwise vestibule make it somewhat less comfortable than our other two person models. This makes the Niak especially good for a parent and a child, or for one person and a dog. At the same time, for the solo adventurer, the Niak is a veritable palace, the perfect warm weather solution for those wanting maximum comfort at a still impressively low weight.

As with our other Yellow Label models, the Niak’s outer tent is made from our lightest weight Kerlon 1000, and it is supported by the same DAC NSL 9 mm poles used in our Red and other Yellow Label models. Its simple, two pole design – inspired by our Red Label Unna solo tent – is quick to pitch and very stable, and the single vestibule can be completely rolled away to maximize air flow through the full mesh inner tent door. In addition, curved patterning along the bottom edges of the outer tent create space that both allows for constant air flow and also ensures that the outer tent is stretched properly for optimal performance.

Prior to its introduction, the Niak went through well over 250 backcountry nights of use, in all types of weather, in Scandinavia and the US, as well as in the Alps and in Scotland. Two person users appreciated its light weight, and solo users loved that it offered such roomy luxury at such a surprisingly low weight. All proclaimed it as an outstanding choice for any summer or warm weather trip.

Niak” is a peak in Sarek National Park in northern Sweden.

  • Kerlon 1000 outer tent fabric and 9 mm poles make for a very lightweight yet strong tent.

  • 3-season design: ventilation is built into the construction, and the inner tent mesh areas have no backing fabric panels.

  • Self-supporting dome design requires only the vestibule to be pegged, and the simple full sleeve and tensioner pole system make for quick, easy set up.

  • The Niak has room enough for two plus gear, and is also a spacious mansion for one.

  • Linked but separable inner and outer tent for simultaneous pitching.

  • The single entrance/single vestibule configuration affords easy access as well as storage space.

  • An optional footprint covers only the inner tent area and not the vestibule. It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching.

  • The inner tent can be replaced with the Niak Mesh Inner tent.

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Sleeps: 1.5 Person

Season: 3.5 Season

Minimum Weight: 3lbs 8oz

Packed Weight: 3lbs 15oz

Material: Kerlon 1000

Customer Reviews

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Billy Bell
Niak 2 backpacking tent

I recently purchased a Niak 2 with hopes of it being my
do-it-all tent for back country hunts. Living in North Dakota can be a little hard on tents when the wind picks up and the weather turns. Ive tried a lot of other brands over the years, but the Hilleberg tents seem to handle the rough conditions the best. I Felt like the Niak was a nice compromise of size and weight, and boy was I right. It is down right spacious inside, and the weight is very manageable. It has been out in some Horrible conditions with wind and rain, and it handled both with ease. I have also used this tent a couple times with hardly any breeze, and condensation was no problem for me. I will be using it again towards the later part of November and we will see how it handles a snow load, but to say I am not worried is a complete understatement.....lol