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Hilleberg Anjan 2 Backpacking Tent

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The Hilleberg Anjan 2 is quite possibly the best backcountry hunting tent on the market for a 2 man tent. At 3.5lbs when split up you are looking at 1.7lbs roughly per person for an outstanding shelter. Just the right combination of being a compact and light tent with enough room inside to wait out a storm and get some good sleep in. The tunnel design of the tent is remarkably effective at providing ventilation to keep condensation to a minimum while still allowing the tent to be incredibly warm inside. Hilleberg recommends this as a 3 season tent but I would not hesitate for a second to take this on a winter backpacking trip.I had the pleasure last year to test out and use the new Hilleberg Anjan 2 backpacking tent on a handful of backcountry hunting trips.

After spending more than 20 nights in the tent over the course of 6 weeks I can honestly say it is without a doubt the nicest backcountry hunting tent I have ever used. I know there is a little bit of sticker shock at the price of $745 and you could absolutely get by just fine with a tent half the cost. However if you are looking for a tent that will last you for 20+ years and will take the abuse and punishment that backcountry hunting puts on your gear I do not think there is a better option and that initial investment will pay for itself 10 fold. Vestibule is very large and allows you to store your gear, packs and bow inside and out of the weather.

Pitching the tent is very easy and takes less than 2 minutes to do. You can actually pitch the entire tent using only 4 stakes and and the poles. There are guy lines located in 4 different spots so you can really tighten up the fly in extreme weather situations if needed. On a August scouting trip my hunting partner and I got caught in an intense summer thunder storm and the winds approached near 40 mph. We were able to set up the tent and crawl inside to weather out the storm and were both incredibly impressed with just how well the tent took the abuse.u are looking for a outstanding, lightweight and extremely well built tent I highly recommend the Hilleberg Anjan 2.


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Sleeps: 2 Person

Season: 3 Season

Minimum Weight: 3lbs 5oz

Packed Weight: 4lbs

Material: Kerlon 1000

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
bill nation
great quality

have not used it yet, very easy to set up and take down, packs down small enough to put into my exo pack side pocket

Brock Akers
Great Service, Great product

An outstanding company that provides excellent advice, great customer service and sells only the best products.

Cant recommend using S & S Archery enough!

Keith Fairly
Outstanding tent!!!

I used this tent this year on 4 different backcontry hunting trips. The weight, size and build quality of this tent is outstanding. Split up between two guys we were packing under 2lbs each for a shelter! I will be recommending this to any of my friends looking for an outstanding backcountry hunting tent.